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    33 Killer Kingdom Hearts Facts video!

    Check out this video full of 33 fun facts we put together! Let me know if there's anything in here that was new to you!
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    33 Fantastic Final Fantasy 7 Facts!

    Did you know that the Japanese Voice Actors for Cloud & Zack are best friends in real they life? Sit right there, here's some Final Fantasy 7 Facts! Let me know if you learned anything new!
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    27 Kefka Palazzo Facts video!

    Hahaha yeah, I'd have to agree. He's the best villain!
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    27 Kefka Palazzo Facts video!

    Final Fantasy's Kefka Palazzo! Best Boss probably of all time. Where is the Death Battle with him and Sephiroth?? I'm making a formal request!! Check out this video full of fun facts! <span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Roboto, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 17px...
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    Final Fantasy Type-0 Facts - It's Super Effective!!! - 16 Wicked Facts!

    We've put together a bunch of fun facts about Final Fantasy Type-0! Enjoy!
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    [video] Final Fantasy Facts - It's Super Effective!!! - 37 Brilliant Facts!

    Hey everyone! Here's a list of facts that span the early Nintendo titles! Hope you enjoy!
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    Final Fantasy Tactics! - It's Super Effective!!! - 42 Fantastic Facts!

    Some say the best Strategy RPG of all time! What do you guys think? Please check out some cool facts!
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    Final Fantasy 6 Facts! - It's Super Effective!!! 22 Fantastic Facts! [video]

    Thanks for the kind words as well as the tip! I'll be sure to imbed with the appropriate tags. Glad you enjoyed the video!
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    Final Fantasy 6 Facts! - It's Super Effective!!! 22 Fantastic Facts! [video]

    Hey everyone, Please check out our video with Facts about Final Fantasy 6: If you like it, check out the rest of our channel. We've got more Final Fantasy content and more to come! Thanks!
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    Awesome Final Fantasy Facts!

    Hey Everyone! We love Final Fantasy and we want to inform everyone about our video game fact show on YouTube called It’s Super Effective! We recently launched a video with cool Facts about Final Fantasy 6, check it out here: We also covered...