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  1. Warrior of Light

    Any plans for tonight?

    Gonna veg until we go out to dinner at a fancy restuarant then I'm gonna go get blitzed. And gaming, lots o' gaming. ^_^
  2. Warrior of Light

    Saving money

    As much as most people hate this word it really works the best: a budget. You don't budget yourself into insanity. You just take a general idea of what you have for income and what your expenses are. Don't leave anything out on either side. You want a good idea of what you're dealing with. Set...
  3. Warrior of Light

    What did you last buy

    Lingerie. If you knew me, you would know how unsurprising this is. xD
  4. Warrior of Light

    Which Final Fantasy Games Do You Own? [V2]

    In that list I own everything except XI and XIII and the latter shall be rectified soon. And also Dissidia, Duodecim, Crisis Core, DoC (yuck!), The After Years and Crystal Chronicles. I'm a HUGE FF fan.
  5. Warrior of Light

    [V2] Which FF Game are you currently playing?

    I'm still stuck on Duodecim, which I can honestly tell you does not please me nearly as much as Dissidia did. I don't know if I can arse myself to finish, tbh.
  6. Warrior of Light

    Do You Still Like Final Fantasy?

    I started Final Fantasy with the very first Final Fantasy. Naturally, that game holds a special place in my heart. A lot of the FFs will always be dear to me, and some of the newer ones are also very good...but I find my interest in FF waning as of late. I find they overemphasis flashy graphics...
  7. Warrior of Light

    [V3] What's Your Mood?

    ^that's pretty unfair of him. You should do what makes you happy. As for my mood, I am happy. A little annoyed by envious fools, but in general, very happy. I have a wonderful boyfriend, live in a lovely home, have a high-paying job that I'm challenged at, inspired to write beautiful stories...
  8. Warrior of Light

    [05/07/12] Motomu Toriyama Drops hints at FFXIII-3 and status on FFX HD

    I really wish they'd stop dragging this stuff on. I really rather Square tried their hand at sequels to other, better, FF games or actually come up with some new, creative games. Oh well.
  9. Warrior of Light

    A hello from an oldie

    Honestly I'd be surprised if one in ten people here remember me, which is understandable since I'm a ghost these days. But I remembered this place from a friend and wanted to see how folks were doing and say hello. Can't promise I'll be too active, but it's just nice to see ye ol' stomping...
  10. Warrior of Light

    What game did you buy last?

    Some Dragon Quest game I haven't even played yet. God I'm so pathetic. xD
  11. Warrior of Light

    Alleged Rapist has been deported 4 times

    Rape is about domination, humiliation and control. It was and never will be about fulfilling a sexual need. It is something used to be in a position of power over someone else, to feed their need for causing harm and humilation. Any form of sexual assault, abuse or harassment is vicious and...
  12. Warrior of Light

    Attention Mods

    you steal i steal we all steal
  13. Warrior of Light

    Attention Mods

    Certainly sounds like it.
  14. Warrior of Light

    Attention Mods

    *intrigued* How many noobs are out there?
  15. Warrior of Light

    I am a baby.

    You got a freaky in your eye. ...I crack myself up. lol
  16. Warrior of Light

    Spam awards 2k10

    Why thank you for quoting me, but I'm a noob and have no idea why. Clearly it is because I am witty, but just how witty am I? I know not.
  17. Warrior of Light

    History in the Making

    I'd say about 99.9999999% will be totally forgotten, while the rest will be remembered for the next, say century or so. The consequences of the human race just having too much to say!
  18. Warrior of Light

    History in the Making

    I think this will be viewed as the Information Age, which is kinda ironic as it should be viewed as the Misinformation Age. Or the Information Overload Age. Whichever.
  19. Warrior of Light

    Spam awards 2k10

    Forgive me my eagerness. Alas boredom has siezed my brain and made a prisoner of all reason. ...why am I talking like this?
  20. Warrior of Light

    Spam awards 2k10

    Bring me your soldiers from the East and West. With them we shall build a great army and charge upon the shores of Injustice and Evil and wipe the world clean of its infection. We shall drive the hammerstrike hard upon the Wicked, and there make a glory to be counted for all ages!