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  1. Black Mage Moogle

    Favourite Cameos

    Stan Lee's cameo appearances are usually funny. My most fave of his cameos are Thor, Amazing Spiderman and Iron Man 3.
  2. Black Mage Moogle

    Anime Last Anime You Watched

    Last anime I watched was a episode of Disgea...
  3. Black Mage Moogle

    Naming Characters

    I usually kept all of their names bar one... I changed Quina's name to Poopie.. x3
  4. Black Mage Moogle

    Your Favourite Character And Why?

    Vivi of course... I like he starts out shy but then grows... Plus hes really sweet too.
  5. Black Mage Moogle

    Disney Worlds?

    I think Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest would make a good one... I also thought of Basil the Great Mouse Detective, Baker Street would be a good world aswell.
  6. Black Mage Moogle

    The DeviantArt Thread

    This is mine...
  7. Black Mage Moogle

    KHII Favorite Summoned Allie

    Stitch, as he is one of my fav Disney characters... Plus I found him handy...
  8. Black Mage Moogle

    KHII Who is your favourite member of Organization XIII?

    I would say Axel, I always have been fond of him... so yeah...
  9. Black Mage Moogle

    Anime Anime characters that you hate

    @ Moonflow Thats Usopp my friend. I dunno I think Chopper is so cute!!! Not ugly at all ^^.
  10. Black Mage Moogle

    [S] What's the cure for the common cold?

    Drink loads, have a box of tissues and get in to bed
  11. Black Mage Moogle

    Anime Favourite Anime

    Nauto- I have been watching it since 2006 and its still my all time favorite. I love its mix of Action, Comedy and Emotion. It has a host of interesting characters that you either love or it. I hopes Shippudden is just as enjoyable as Naruto. Soul Eater- The newest edition to my favs, omg how...
  12. Black Mage Moogle

    James called me a bully.

    Ok, take it from the beginning, umm who is James and what happened to make him say that to you?
  13. Black Mage Moogle

    Moogles, Chocobos and Hummingways

    I think FF4 is the only game Moogles havnt appeared in since the Hummingways took their place. Anyways I do like Chocobos and Hummingways too. But thw Moogles will always be number 1 to me.
  14. Black Mage Moogle

    Here's Johnny!

    Welcome to the Forums, hope you enjoy your stay ^^
  15. Black Mage Moogle

    Moogles, Chocobos and Hummingways

    Out of the 3 Races which do you like best? If some of you ask what a Hummingway is, its a race that appears in FF4. They are similar to the Rabbit like Moogles, but they dont have pom poms. I love Moogles, no matter what design they are I find them all so cute!! Kupo!!!
  16. Black Mage Moogle

    [V1] What are you currently playing?

    I'm currently playing FF4 atm. Im in the Tower of Babil and Im getting really annoyed with it lol.
  17. Black Mage Moogle

    Fan Art Moogle Arty stuff

    This is where I'll post Moogle Fan Stuff Kupo!!! I only done one at the moment but look out for other Moogle stuff in the future.
  18. Black Mage Moogle


    I hate wearing glasses but I dont have a choice. I gotta wear them due to my poor eyesight. I was bullied alot at School :(
  19. Black Mage Moogle

    Most Annoying Character

    I think Quina Of FF9 is too annoying. He/she is kinda useless aswell. I dont like this character at all.
  20. Black Mage Moogle


    Whooooooo they are awsome!! I especially love the Naruto one. Kyuubi looks difficult to draw,