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    Rules ~ Don't double post. START.
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    Skill Saw is here!

    Wassap. And yes, I'm the same Skill Saw from ACF:P
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    Do you like them? Metallica is a great heavy metal band. My favorite album is RtL, but most people I know would put that album on the bottom of their list.
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    Sleeping in Class

    I do. I fall asleep in class a lot, actually. I'm often deprived of sleep at night, so I make up for it by sleeping in class. I know it's not a good thing, but I can't help but to fall asleep in boring classes like Spanish. The other day, I fell asleep in Literacy, and all of a sudden I...
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    Hey, I'm new here.. Awesome to find another Final Fantasy Forum that is not dead. :P I belong to ACF, also, and my username's Cl0udStr1fe. Also belong to the CS Shinra Forum with the Username Lunar Wind. So....Yeah...:P