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  1. Reality.Fantasy

    Way of the Dragon: RTK/Dynasty Warriors RP Opportunity!

    Oy! I spent a good 15 minutes looking for the appropriate sub-forum, so if this isn't, mods feel free to relocate for me. Thanks a bunch! My username is Angelo on the following site; if you join, feel free to message me so I can walk you through how to play! It is EXTREMELY fun and rewarding...
  2. Reality.Fantasy

    Colourful Expressions - Graphic Design Shop

    Haha, that's completely fine. Thank you for making the designs for me! :highfive:
  3. Reality.Fantasy

    SOTW 150 Voting Thread

    Voted for number 1. Not only do I like the more subdued colors, the brightness is right in all parts of the sig. I can’t tell what the objects are that are subtly put in the background, but everythiing really fits in with the “destruction” theme. I can’t think of anything else smart to say, so...
  4. Reality.Fantasy

    FFX-2 [SPOILERS] Should Tidus have returned?

    I was actually thinking about this question when I beat the game. Although the point of X-2 was for Yuna to find Tidus, I think that with the Good/Perfect endings, his return was kind of rushed through and not satisfying enough to round out the game. I feel this is especially true given how...
  5. Reality.Fantasy

    Colourful Expressions - Graphic Design Shop

    eeee, I really like it! One thing: Is there a way to have the In Hoc Signo Vinces text without the rectangular box around it? If it's needed to make the text visible then that's fine--I don't understand much about photoshop, so you'll have to bear with me. :P
  6. Reality.Fantasy

    Colourful Expressions - Graphic Design Shop

    Yeah, everything I said is basically just some ideas that popped to mind, but if you think of better elements to use, then that's A-OK with me! Also, I've been using Orioto's picture (i.e., the one I provided) for a long time with his permission, and I've already talked to him about using it as...
  7. Reality.Fantasy

    Top 10...

    #3 Purchase a vuvuzela.
  8. Reality.Fantasy

    Colourful Expressions - Graphic Design Shop

    Here's a request, hope it isn't too annoying! Requestable: Set! Size: Avy (100x100) and Sig (400x125) -- both with thin borders, like how my avy/sig are now Text: In Hoc Signo Vinces (main text, old english-esque font), R.F. (sub-text, smaller and preferably in one of the sig's corners) Colors...
  9. Reality.Fantasy

    Reasons for Dealing with Weight

    Personally, I am 6'8" and ended freshman year of college at 195 lbs, and then end of this past sophomore year around 185 lbs. My doctor said that I'm not underweight yet, and I don't look ridiculously skinny or anything. I pretty much have the build of a tennis player, especially now that I have...
  10. Reality.Fantasy

    Where would you live?

    I would definitely live in Costa del Sol. I already come from Midwestern suburbia, so I wouldn't want to live in a rural area at all. I've always wanted to live close to the beach anyway, but if it got too tourist-y I would probably move somewhere else. Tourists really blow. :wacky:
  11. Reality.Fantasy

    Serious Mini Skirts in relationships, your views.

    Interesting topic. Coming from the young college student point of view, practically every girl wears miniskirts/short dresses when going out on the weekends, may it be to house/fraternity parties or to the bar. As far as dressing like this when in a relationship, I suppose the point-of-view of...
  12. Reality.Fantasy

    [Sign-ups & Discussion] The Gates of Tehera

    Just a side note, I'm finishing up my sign-up after having been gone this long weekend, so I should be able to post my app by lunchtime tomorrow! Yay!
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    Say whaaaaat? I don't remember such things. I'll hop on over and creep on the thread. And thanks to everyone else! I'll try and see if I can be more active than I was last time around. :cactaur:
  14. Reality.Fantasy

    Where did you get your username from?

    Back before college when I actually had time to write stories, my username on whateversitethatwas was Reality.Fantasy, because that dichotomy was used throughout a lot of my work. And then I had no creativity whatsoever when deciding on a username for this site, so it stuck. :awesome:
  15. Reality.Fantasy

    Battleground Poll

    Very brief question on the options: Is the second to last meant to be "Purgatario" (i.e., Italian for purgatory)? Pargatario is not a word I don't think, and it would make more sense if those vowels were switched around... And yes, this heavily influences my decision! :awesome:
  16. Reality.Fantasy

    [Sign-ups & Discussion] The Gates of Tehera

    If I wanted to be an angel, I'm not entirely sure how to do the age/appearance section, since they, you know, are essentially ageless (I think?) and take on the bodies of those that grant permission. What do you suggest I do for that part of the application? Great idea for an RP, by the way!
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    Ah, bollocks. I'll just find some other competition to join when the time comes. Never good timing!
  18. Reality.Fantasy

    [V5] What are you currently listening to? There Will Be Tears -- Mr. Hudson I first heard this song on America's Best Dance Crew (Static Noyze, anyone?) and so I searched out the original cut. The lyrics are a bit too depressing for me, but it's sort of ethereal and nice to listen to. Kind of...
  19. Reality.Fantasy

    Avatar: The Last Airbender Club

    Yeah, a lot of my friends on facebook said that the movie was a big downer, but Bubblegum's (comprehensive) analysis makes it appear to still be a movie worth watching. I'll probably wait for the DVD version, even though I was really into the cartoon series. My dad used to buy it on DVD for my...
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    AHH I totally forgot about Survivor! Does the board still do it? I don't remember what we did exactly, but I remember it being hilariously fun. and thanks for the welcomes, everyone! :wacky: