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  1. Brandon Skyblade

    I don't know what to choose!!!

    I pick the Sword/Staff choice. I always focus on Strength and now disregard the Staff since Magic has no stat and always does set damage/healing. Oh, and the only useful abilities I see when picking the Staff now are getting Scan very very early and getting MP Rage earlier than usual (at least...
  2. Brandon Skyblade

    Playstation PSN Down as of Feb. 28 (worldwide?)

    I'll say right now that I have a Slim, so I'll roll with the "in won't affect slims" for now. On a different note, I honestly hope that if anyone here has had their system bricked by this, hopefully you guys can get something to fix this ASAP. I feel really bad not being affected by this and...
  3. Brandon Skyblade

    Nintendo Goldeneye

    Nostalgia aplenty from this game. I saw my cousin play it a long time ago, and it looked really cool back then. A few years later, I found myself a copy of it and play the hell out of it. It was indeed one of the reasons why FPS' got so popular on the consoles, and I saw why. Specific...
  4. Brandon Skyblade

    Nintendo Megaman Zero Collection

    I might get that, even though the only game in the series I haven't played is 4. It'll give me the chance to play that properly, without needing to (annoyingly) switch between carts. Call it simple convenience, but that's the way I like it. XD
  5. Brandon Skyblade

    Persona 3 PSP release date

    I can't wait for this one myself. Sure, I have P3 FES, but it's getting quite frustrating for me to finish, especially when this one lets you control your party when it comes out here. Plus, the female storyline seems really interesting too. I'd figure I'll keep a male story as a backup...
  6. Brandon Skyblade

    Multiple Platforms X Men Legends.

    I've never played the first, but I have played the second, and it's very satisfying. Gaining levels, getting new/upgraded powers and beating the living crap out of ANYTHING in my path is just plain WIN to me. My Team: Wolverine-Obvious reason why, he's freaking WOLVERINE! Iceman-Very useful...
  7. Brandon Skyblade

    Multiple Platforms Soul Calibur IV

    I'm loving SCIV so far, and it's mainly from the Character Creation. Not only have I managed to create some Original Characters of my own, but I've also planned on making characters from other games as well! For example, I've done my take on Kid from Chrono Cross, and I think that with Talim's...
  8. Brandon Skyblade

    Multiple Platforms Borderlands

    Borderlands was really fun and addicting for a while. I loved constantly getting upgrades to my weapons and knowing that every time I leveled up, it wasn't just tiny stat boosts, but adding to my strategy. The only reason I haven't finished my first playthrough yet is because the difficulty of...
  9. Brandon Skyblade

    Tekken vs Soul Calibur

    Soul Calibur for me. I LOVED SCII on the GameCube (especially owning everyone with Link), and that's what stuck with me. I completed the Weapon Master story a long time ago, and it felt really good to do that. Playing SCIV again brought back memories, especially with Siegfried using...
  10. Brandon Skyblade

    Girls on online games.

    I don't at all mind girls playing online. Hell, it's cool that you see girls playing online today. As for knowing if they are girls online (besides Home), I do see them playing MGO. I can honestly tell since if you want to make a character, you have to make sure you use that one, because you...
  11. Brandon Skyblade

    Does anyone like Crystal Chronicles?

    It's not all that bad to me, but it did get old after the second or third year of doing the same "Run around, kill repetitive easy monsters, beat boss". Honestly, if I really want that kind of real-time gameplay, I'd go play a beat-em-up. And if I want a real-time RPG, I'd play Kingdom Hearts...
  12. Brandon Skyblade

    Dear Person who programmed the chocobo catcher bit...

    Good lord, I haven't done that mini-game as much, and I still hate it. Getting hit by homing birds coming out of absolute thin air is the worst kind of feeling knowing that this game is seriously trying to screw with me. DX Doing that first game where it's just the drunk chocobo, finishing and...
  13. Brandon Skyblade

    Kimahri becomes irrelevant?

    I'll be honest, when I use Kimahri, it's was mainly for grinding purposes for utter lulz. He only REALLY came in handy for one boss later on in which Mighty Guard saved his, Yuna's and Tidus' ass. Plus, the fact that the game balances the one boss fight where you only have him makes it extremely...
  14. Brandon Skyblade

    Anime Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Ah, that show was great. It had just the right balance of action and humor, especially around Aang and the gang (unintentional rhyming FTW). I hadn't watched that much by the time the series was starting to wrap up, but I know I've watched a majority of the episodes overall, so I was never...
  15. Brandon Skyblade

    Anime Bees battling Crows

    Okay, I might be scared of a bee's sting, but bees have now earned some respect from me. I mean, imagine this in real life. Go, Murkrow! A wild Beedrill appears! Murkrow instantly faints!:awesome:
  16. Brandon Skyblade

    Anime Last Anime You Watched

    Last anime I've seen was Penguin Musume Heart (I'm pretty sure Heart was in the title). That's gotta be one of the most random anime out there, but it's hilarious. Think Lucky Star, but the characters actually look like high-schoolers, plenty of anime references (be it for specific ones or...
  17. Brandon Skyblade

    Last Manga You Read

    Last one I read was the English translation of the recent Metroid manga, the one where it highly details Samus' backstory before the events of the original game (or, as it claims, before Zero Mission since the manga was made around 2007 or so). I really enjoyed learning about Samus' backstory...
  18. Brandon Skyblade

    Playstation PSP go! or PSP 3000

    PSP3000, I'll say, without a doubt. The only possible downside when compared to the Go is that the default memory stick can't hold much outside of game saves (i.e.-can't download too much), but as long as you can afford a stick with much larger memory, then there's essentially no point in...
  19. Brandon Skyblade

    SEN ID Thread

    Alright, I'd love to add people over PSN. The name is the same as here, BrandonSkyblade. By the way, the games I play online are: MGS4 (with MGO, obviously) Street Fighter IV Soul Calibur IV Tekken 6 CoD Modern Warfare 2 Gunstar Heroes Bomberman Ultra
  20. Brandon Skyblade

    The Lonely Island

    The moment I heard "I'm On A Boat", it started to sink into my head and constantly resist being pulled out of it. My god, that song was so awesome and funny, I nearly "jizzed in my pants" *rimshot* after seeing it for the first time. Anyone remember when LittleKuriboh made his own version of...