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    There will be nine guardians of light

    There is reason to believe there will be 9 guardians of light. let me explain why I bet 100 on it. it would make sense for it to be seven because KH has always had a fascination with the #7. 7 princesses of hearts in KH 1 and bbs and now the 7 guardians. so why would it all of a sudden be 9...
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    How old were you when you started playing Kingdom Hearts?

    i got it when it came out so i was 11 when i first played it. the only reason i got it is because at the time i was on a DBZ craze and when i heard it was a game about going to different worlds i just stared at the screen hoping to see a DBZ world and then at the end of the commercial there is...
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    Where you put the light when it's dark

    Destiny Islands the place where the sun set or descended into the darkness. Notice how one shows you the sun very bright and shiny while the other shows you the sun as it sets. rikus "changing" if you pay attention, was happening at twilight. the next time we get a destiny islands cut...