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    <Insert Immature Rage Thread Here>

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    A shit spam thread

    Here you go Toni
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    [RP] Battle Between Worlds

    Fleeing the scene with a single Bodyguard, Alec took a single look back to see the remaining bodyguards confronting the bandits, turning his attention forward again they retreated to Havlad and headed immediately to the Temple of Ryoku. Once within Alec was left to proceed alone to the...
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    White Knight Chronicles 2 [Social Gaming]

    Just figured i'd throw this out here since i'm hoping it becomes a popular game for both clans, while it has no versus mode (that I know of) at the very least we'd be able to work together in quests and shizz and being an RPG with online playability is probably more favourable than games like...
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    :ugh: lives!

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    012: Duodecim Assists

    Is it just me who hates them with a fiery passion? Offline or online they do my head in, seems like characters don't have weaknesses anymore because you can just hold them in place with an assist to make them practically unbeatable -__- One big example of this giant weakness-remover is the...
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    [CX] List your games and boost your ego!

    You bunch of no-lifers :jtc:! Anyway ya, just list all the games you have for whatever system, because we're all obviously interested in that sort of shit, and it's a post count +1! PS1 Ape Escape Final Fantasy 4 Final Fantasy 5 Final Fantasy 6 Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 8 Final Fantasy 9...
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    I put my new shoes on...

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    Want one? :(
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    [Request of the set kind!]

    Not done one of these in ages so forgive me if I forget anything :sad3: this image for both the Avatar and Signature with the face being used in the Avatar. If it looks right, some black and purple colourings with your own...
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    Dead Fantasy Fans

    I dunno if it's been posted before or not... But it's well ace imo :andry:
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    Trophy/Achievement contest?

    Dunno where else to put this so move as necessary :hmph: Are there any plans for another PS3 Trophy and XBOX360 Achievement contest again like last year? I'd quite like to get involved this time if it got brought back :sad3: And with more games released now it should be more interesting...
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    Interest Check - Portal RP #3

    So, after much consideration i've gone with reviving my old Portal RP for the third time, yay me :mokken: So basically, an imperfect world is born from a crack in space time, fusing the essences of several worlds and pulling the strongest of these worlds into the imbalance. These rips in time...
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    Viewing Rep comments

    It may just be me but I can't find anything on my profile that points to viewing Rep Comments, is this feature still intact or did we lose it in the server move? :hmmm: If it does still exist, where do I find it? :wacky:
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    Char and her bendiness

    Discuss :mokken:
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    Aerith and her Faith

    Aerith is a Satanist... Discuss :mokken:
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    The Thingy Majiggy Thread

    Andrew :mokken:
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    Yuna pantyshot in Dissidia

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    Yuna in Dissidia

    Discuss :britt: