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  1. The Welsh Paddy

    Your Local Music Scene

    Okay. I decided to start a thread so that people can shine a spotlight onto their local music scene if there is any. :monster: Are there any bands in your area you feel deserve a wider audience? What's your local music scene actually like? I recently moved back up to North Wales and, sadly...
  2. The Welsh Paddy

    Gigs you've been to

    What bands have you guys seen live? Which have been the best? Which have been the worst? Have you ever gone to see bands you've never heard of before? In my mid to late teens, I pretty much only went to small/local gigs. They'd be friends bands, or whichever up and coming punk and metal bands...
  3. The Welsh Paddy

    Sexuality in Films

    I guess this thread could have been posted in The Lifestream, but since this topic is more specific to films. I think this could make for a pretty interesting debate here. :monster: So, basically... sexuality is something that gets made into a big deal in films if a certain character is...
  4. The Welsh Paddy

    Nintendo Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

    So, who's started playing this game yet? :o I got it on Wii U on release day and have to say I couldn't have been anymore satisfied with this purchase. Being a huge Zelda fan, I've been excited about this game back when they showed the first teaser footage and I'd say that Nintendo have exceeded...
  5. The Welsh Paddy

    Pad's Mixtape

    So, I've been dabbling a bit in making music and have three pieces I'm happy-ish to share. By no means am I a pro, but I do put a lot of effort into making these. I use a Macbook Pro with Logic Pro X and, when I can, I much prefer to record instruments in live, but due to limited resources I've...
  6. The Welsh Paddy

    It's me again!

    How's it going guys? :brow:
  7. The Welsh Paddy

    Welshy's Sound Cloud

    Only one piece of music on it at the moment, like... but hey, I'll probably be making some more tunes over the next few months and all. Notes: V1 is the first take. The three of us were only just starting to get familiar with using Logic...
  8. The Welsh Paddy


    I figured I should pop here to say hi to everyone again. :sir: I'm Paddy, or Welshy! I joined this forum years and years ago, then disappeared for a few years, came back for a good while and then disappeared again for a couple of years again. Soo, I'm back again! I had to register a new account...
  9. The Welsh Paddy


    ORPG and RPB Name: Degra Name amongst Khan: 'Looks at the Lotus' Race: Khan (Weretiger) Gender: Female Age: 223 years Appearance As a Khan, Degra has a number of different forms, each one a stage towards assuming the form of an actual tiger. They are as follows: Homid: This is Degra's...
  10. The Welsh Paddy

    £90 per game!

    Alright, so with the release of PS4 and Xbox One on the horizon, I decided to see how much the games are going for. I checked on Amazon, and apparently the games that are available for pre-order are going for £90. In this day and age, are there really that many people who could afford to/are...
  11. The Welsh Paddy


    Ranna vs. Karu @Karu I see your character is written for RPB's. Are you up for a battle? :monster: I'm thinking of maybe using my character Rhogar Krin, or Ranna. But then, I don't mind which character I battle with, so long as it's not Degra as I have used that character quite often and want...
  12. The Welsh Paddy

    How important is the story in a game?

    How important is it? I'm mostly speaking of RPG's here, but let's just say this will be for any genre of game that is story driven. I hear a lot of people say how the story is the most important aspect of a game. Why? While having a very solid story backing the game does make for a far more...
  13. The Welsh Paddy

    Why did you join FFF?

    Why?! Okay, so I'm generally speaking about the whole process of joining this community, establishing acquaintances, a network, making friends, or whatever. I think this would make for an interesting discussion that would help us get a little more insight as to why people stick around in such...
  14. The Welsh Paddy

    Resources Schoolyard Fight Render

    Right, so here's my first shot at rendering. :monster: Lewis suggested I give it a shot, so I took this image from a panel in this comic series called The Boys. The original image is HERE. Pretty much all I did was take the Polygonal Lasso Tool and go around those two characters. :lew:
  15. The Welsh Paddy

    That Twitter thing...

    That Twitter button in everyone's sig... Would it be possible to change that for something that looks nicer? Preferably something smaller and more out of the way. :hmmm:
  16. The Welsh Paddy

    Who are you?

    Alright, so this is pretty much for anyone who's happy to shed some more light on themselves in relation to forum RPing. :monster: Name? Patrick (Paddy, Welshy) When did you start RPing, and where, and why? I started RPing about ten years ago on a forum called FFE. FFE was my first time...
  17. The Welsh Paddy

    Tutorial [TUT]Depth in Graphics - A Simple Technique

    Well, this is my first tutorial, and I doubt this would be anything that useful to the more experienced GFX'ers here, but hey. :monster: Basically, this is gonna be a brief tutorial going through a very simple, yet effective technique that will add more depth to your graphics. There is some...
  18. The Welsh Paddy

    Resident Evil - Escape From Raccoon City

    Okay, so this will be a 'reboot' of sorts of the events that occur in Resident Evils 2, 3 and Outbreak. Basically, we'll be writing as a bunch of people who band together to try and escape Raccoon City during the zombie outbreak. So... I call this a reboot. It's gonna pretty much disregard the...
  19. The Welsh Paddy

    Children of Tierra [Interest/Sign-up/Etc.]

    Right, chaps. This is actually consisting of ideas that have been floating inside my head ever since I was a little kid. The name may be changed if I can think of something better. :hmmm: It will be set in a fictional world, known as Tierra (For the time being, at least.) It's on the verge of...
  20. The Welsh Paddy

    How much does it cost to be a vigilante "super"hero?

    I thought that this would be an amusing subject to discuss. I would be shocked if many of us haven't, at one time, thought of being Batman, Spider-Man, or any other crime fighting superhero at one point in our childhood. Now fast-forward to today. You know that generally this sort of thing...