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  1. Bustersword07

    I have a question about the Entites

    I just stole the Lesach Halycon from the Lesach Entite in Parama Rift. But I'm afraid that if I destroy it, then I don't get to fight it again. Last file, it seemed like when I got strong enough, I went and killed off any of the Entites and when I started trying to steal the Halycons from them...
  2. Bustersword07

    When is YOUR favorite gaming period.

    Most of us are climbing our teens and our 20's on here. And by now, I'm sure you guys have already picked out your favorite time when it comes to gaming. Some people say its the days of old Mario (1986-1993) Some people say its today (2005-2008) As for me, it was between (1998-2004) This...
  3. Bustersword07

    Multiple Platforms Recruiting Albel Nox the 2nd time

    I was wandering whether or not you can recruit Albel instead of Adray. Somewhere told me that if you take Peppitta in Moonbase, you can't get Albel but another told me that if you face him alone, 1 on 1, you can recruit him a during a 2nd chance. You don't have a 2nd chance to recriut Nel...
  4. Bustersword07

    I'm Back! Bustersword07 sends a message!

    I've never really got into the habit and posted like crazy on here like I originally wanted to. I just couldn't get in the grove then because 1:It was my senior year in highschool and had very little time to spend on here. (That strongly applies now that I'm in college and studying!)...
  5. Bustersword07

    Final Fantasy Retrospectives

    If you go to, there should be A montage of Final Fantasy Retrospectives They just got done with Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2. If you also go to Youtube and type in 'Final Fantasy Retrospective', the videos should pop up. This is actually some of the best Retrospectives I've ever...
  6. Bustersword07

    KHII Kingdom Hearts 2 in Proud Mode

    I finished the first game of Kingdom Hearts 2 in Normal mode and I have to say that it was unsettling to find it so easy and now that the summer began, my question is this: Is the hard mode on Kingdom Hearts 2 harder than the hard mode on Kingdom Hearts 1?
  7. Bustersword07

    What was the quickest time you beat FF7

    Hi. I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 for the umteenth time and this time, I decided to do a speed run. I now have the Knights of Round Materia and am ready to go to the underwater Reactor in Junon. My clock is at 36hrs and 11min. I was wandering if any of you ever beat the game doing a speed...
  8. Bustersword07

    Do you think the GBA ports were a little late?

    I have a question for the final fantasy fan. In 2004, Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls was released for the GBA before Christmas. Now, since the DS was brand new at the time, I figured the GBA would go for a little while longer but not enough to make three ports. 2005, 2006, and 2007 were the years...
  9. Bustersword07

    At Last! Finally Here!

    Hi everyone! I've been very busy lately so I haven't got a chance to post anything yet! 'Carrier of Hope' got me on here Saturday when I had the free time. For the others that don't know me, I'm 18 years old; I'm a senior in high school, and I finally got a computer of my own. I...