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    [V2] Best Final Fantasy Game?

    Easily 9. It just took elements of the past game and melted them in a pot. And Vivi! Behind it would be FFXII and VII, respectively.
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    why wont satan accept my soul

    why bother Satan when you can bother me instead
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    The big Chocobo question

    Kweh, duh. Have any of you played Chocobo Hot & Cold at ALL??
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    Playstation Vita TV, It a Vita, That Plugs into your TV

    Well, it's significantly less money than a vita, and I can live without a touchpad. Honestly, it would be pretty nice to buy this. Yet again, this doesn't seem all that profitable. Making a "console" for a portable system has been done in the past, and it hasn't been that successful.
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    Top 100 FF Moments! (Nominations) SPOILERS

    Well, I nominate beating the crap out of Sephiroth with Omnislash in the Lifestream. :)
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    Favorite Playable Character

    Probably Auron. His attack power is insane and his character is completely badass. For second place, Rikku for her mixing, stealing, ability to use items, and her speed. Aw yeah.
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    Anime Hayao Miyazaki...gone with the wind

    It definitely seems like he should retire right about now....but I'll always love the films he made. Spirited Away was one of my favorite movies ever! :) You'll be missed, Miyazaki. :ari:
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    Anime Last Anime You Watched

    I rewatched a few episodes of Madoka Magica. I really loved it the first time, and I like it even more the second time. If only it wasn't so sad... :( Oh, and Kyoko/Sayaka forever. JS
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    [V1] What are you currently playing?

    I'm focusing on FFX mainly. I just completed the Macalania Temple and I'm being chased by guados. And I used BOTH of the Black Magic spheres on Yuna because everyone else's magic isn't that good :P Also, I love using Rikku and Tidus! :)
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    Awful names parents give their children

    I still kind of laugh at the name Blue Ivy...:P But just be thankful that no one named their baby disestablishmentarianism!
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    My friend code is 4296-2998-6767!

    My friend code is 4296-2998-6767!
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    Oh, I think i screwed up 4296-2998-6767

    Oh, I think i screwed up 4296-2998-6767
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    Hey, mah friend code! I'm a gardening freak, btw. :P 4296-2298-6767

    Hey, mah friend code! I'm a gardening freak, btw. :P 4296-2298-6767
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    Nintendo ~.Nintendo Friend-Codes Thread.~

    Well, here's my 3DS one for Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, or whatever else~ 4296-2998-6767
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    No addictions. I don't drink much with caffeine in it, and smoking is absolutely repulsive. Yet again, some people just can't help it... :(
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    Too much gill at the end

    Actually, no. I buy WAY too much and end up with very little. The exception is probably FF9.
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    Strangest thing you've been accused of

    Well, I distinctly remember about two weeks ago when my mom got mad at me for not finding enough synonyms for the word ship. Like in Ebay terms.
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    How long has it taken you to beat a game

    About two years for Bowser's Inside Story, one for the original Paper Mario...that's pretty much it. It only takes me a few months to complete a game, which I consider pretty short. :P EDIT: Oh, the final bosses game me the most trouble. I mean, I was LAZY.
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    Favorite Non-Final Fantasy RPG

    Xenogears, Mother 3, Paper Mario TTYD, Soul Hackers, Persona 3 Portable, TWEWY, Earthbound, and The Last Story. Yep, I'm a weirdo.
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    Greeny's Smooth Moves!

    So far, this has been a pretty awesome LP, so great job! Also, I have really smooth moves: (•_•) ~) )~ / \ (•_•)/ <) ) / \