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    Final Fantasy 7 vs 8 and 9?

    Basically, I'm getting a Christmas gift for myself, and I'm debating on getting either FFVII+PSX Mem. Card or both FF8 and 9+ Mem. Card. I tnow the price of 7 is quite high, but I've never actually played it and everyone raves about it. 8 and 9 are generally less talked about, but they get good...
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    Hey! Listen!

    Hi, Final Fantasy Fans! I decided to join this site as I love final fantasy (1-6, at least :P) and....yeah. Anyways, I'm obviously a fan of Persona/SMT, I love steak, my favorite FF is 5, I hate the color green, and I'm saving up for Panzer Dragoon Saga! Not really, but I would. :)