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  1. violent dreamscape

    Michael Jackson Innocent Afterall?

    I don't think those are reliable sources, but I do believe that he was innocent. Seriously. After the millions of dollars he invested in things like cancer foundations for kids and whatnot, I really don't see a child molester. Really. Details state that he molested the kid for months. Now, if...
  2. violent dreamscape

    Billy Mays died. :c

    Man, I never thought I'd see the day where I go to TMZ and see that Billy Mays, the guy that screams at us via commercial, would be dead. YOU WERE A CHAMP, BILLY. I blame Vince Offer, the ShamWow guy. :C And he died the same way Michael Jackson died. Alone, in his bed. Age of 50. Yeesh. I'll...
  3. violent dreamscape

    [V4] What Are You Currently Listening To?

    "Eyelash Curlers and Butcher Knives" by Jeffree Star. A lot of people hate Jeffree, but I absolutely love his music. It's very poppy, electro, and in your face. Listening to this makes me feel like prancing down a runway like a model.
  4. violent dreamscape

    Utada Hikaru's new album.

    It's just so ... Bad. I know she want to appeal to a wide American audience, but don't please don't disgrace yourself with lyrics like "I love you long time". I listened to one of the tracks, "Poppin": "Sexy stiletto boots, tight jeans, no panties on Oops, did I turn you on? I only came to...
  5. violent dreamscape

    What's your favourite band?

    The GazettE Miyavi Ayabie ClearVeil jigoro Jeffree Star Nujabes Breathe Carolina The Escape Frame Deftones Blaqk Audio
  6. violent dreamscape

    Kingdom Hearts: Love It Or Hate It?

    I like Kingdom Hearts! It gave me a sense of nostalgia when I am able to see my favorite Disney characters in a game. And, yeah, the singing in Atlantica made me want to dive bomb from a cliff. It was like torture. I'm not a huge fan of it, but I really love the storyline. I just wish Goofy...
  7. violent dreamscape

    Did you ever take a character go a different route?

    I let them go whichever direction on the sphere grid. ... Auron always staying my strongest character. -die- I could never get Rikku to max out, though. :C GUH.
  8. violent dreamscape

    WELL, HAI. Don't hit me, please. :c

    @Pervert Cat: Haaay, that's mah swingin' arm! ; ^ ; omguuh, whyyy. WRRRYYY? How was it when I got started? It was so ... indescribably painful. I didn't start out in Photoshop, though. Paint Shop Pro is the way to go! I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of the concepts. D: Classes are...
  9. violent dreamscape

    Poetry no.646

    mental mistakes are sweet dirty with the expression of hope pick up the phone and quiver dial up a sweet lie and wait 10:37 this is the birth of a fatal wound internal error caused by feeling pain is senseless without pleasure dial up and don't breathe 77 - 86 always hesitant to breathe on...
  10. violent dreamscape

    WELL, HAI. Don't hit me, please. :c

    @Pervert Cat: OH GAWD DUN EAT MEH. O . O @Keyblade of Destiny: Oh, hi! Oh gosh, I'm not that edible. I'm quite not-so-tasty. You wouldn't enjoy meh.
  11. violent dreamscape

    WELL, HAI. Don't hit me, please. :c

    I guess the title explains it all. I'm the newbie in town. I usually hang around art communities and keep myself secluded, so I 'tend to get nervous and shy on forums. So, um ... Hi, everyone? The name's Diren. I'm a 17 yr. old graphic designer and I love ... Um ... Auron. Gosh, I'm lame. :c...