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  1. CookieBunny

    Ava and sig Please

    Ummm I'm ashamed to ask but can someone make me a ava and sig I started making it myself and well I suck really badly...........Please it would be much appreciated if you do anyone:D Heres the image ............
  2. CookieBunny

    Multiple Platforms Tekken X Streetfighter

    I don't think there is a thread on this............ If you’re like me and you think Street Fighter is better than Tekken, you will be much pleased to know that Street Fighter X Tekken will soon be available to put a lot of those arguments to rest. You can check out a lot screens over at...
  3. CookieBunny

    Whos the better EMO Cloud or Lighting

    Something I came across while browsing deviantart >-< Come on Cloud you can do it!
  4. CookieBunny

    How many times?

    How many times did you have to repurchase a FF game just because one of the disc got scratched up or if something else happened to it? I had to repurchase FF7 twice. I don't know if it already have a thread for this but............ I looked honestly I did.
  5. CookieBunny

    Anime Bees battling Crows

    Crows are considered a menace in Japan and for the last 10 years, the country has been waging a war against them. There's been a range of tactics, but one that catches our eye is using one animal species to ward off another. Specifically, bees. NPR reports that crow populations are booming in...
  6. CookieBunny

    Wandering Artist

    I've been on here for two days and seen some amazing artist that may not remember me (Mandi/Angelus-Mortis):D so here are some of my sketches notice that i am a big TEKKEN FAN but did't sketch out any of my fav characters (Asuka-Ling-Jin) And i threw some FF10-2 to. Rikku-Songtress Dressphere...
  7. CookieBunny

    New but not new

    Hello everyone:D I've been on this forum once before long time but forgot my account dumb on my part :( Hope to meet familiar and new ppl.