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  1. Leki

    Anime Descendants of Darkness

    Right now, this show is showing on the Sci-Fi Channel every Monday, late (around 11ish). I'm glad I found out about Ani-Monday. :D Anyways, I love the Doctor with the two different eye colors. I can't remember his name, but he's cool! The show has a good storyline, but it can be EXTREMELY...
  2. Leki

    Trigonometry ~ Help me out?

    I'm in 12th grade, and I need a good GPA... problem is I really suck at math. Like, failing suck. The only way to get the help I need is to stay after school, then find a ride, and I can't do that as many times as I need too. If anyone could help explain how to do these problems, it'd be...
  3. Leki

    L - Banner/Avatar

    No, no, not as in the member. XD And since the siggy shops haven't really been active lately... I'm just requesting. Stocks:
  4. Leki


    Wonderland Alice had grown up. She had grown up, and although she had never forgotten the grand adventures she had had there, she had grown old. Slowly, she faded away, and her thoughts abrubtly stopped. And Wonderland could feel it. It had never before come across a girl like her, and the...
  5. Leki

    Tribal Wars Alright, this is a positively SLOW online game.... you just click to create buildings, and the process can take hours... but, I still can't help but like it. Right now, I have Camp La-La, and hopefully I will achieve a greater rank. (Man, check out the ranked...
  6. Leki

    Old Cartoons

    Hm... maybe it's just me, but let's so what all you guys think. The older cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Tom and Jerry and such... they are SO much better then these silly new ones. Such as Phineus and Ferb, Captain Flaminga.... The graphics are horribly boxy and shoddy looking...
  7. Leki

    Fort Minor

    Alright. I love this band. Their beat is good.... Some lyrics suck. I really dislike how their names are put into the songs, like Mike Shinoda.... makes me just think that their egotistical, or somethin'. :P 'Remember the Name' would be alot better without his name in it... 'Where'd...
  8. Leki

    Dirge of Cerberus Gun Customizations

    So... what guns do your prefer? All the equipments and stuff included. I love to use Cereberus, Medium Barrell, Sniper Scope, Fire Materia. Also, the Hydra gun, with Long Barrell, Sniper Scope, and Cereberus Relief. Don't really like Machine gun... more a back up gun, and what I use to...
  9. Leki

    Linkin Park

    I think I created this a looooong time ago, but now it's time to bring it back! Love Linkin Park? POST HERE. <3 I just went to a LP concert (probably why I wanna talk about them), and am so hyped up. They're great Live. The CDs are great... but just... Live. :wacky: I'm very sad that...
  10. Leki

    The Spirits

    :cactuar: So, talk about the spirits of this movie. :cactuar: My favorite spirit in the movie was the one with the little girl. It was sad, how she was ready to die, and she thought the woman was lying to her just to make her feel better.
  11. Leki

    South Island Legacy

    South Island Legacy <---clicky--- This is a cute RPG site for Pokemon. I'm just a member here, but I wanted to help it along, because I think it has potential, even if there aren't that many members yet.
  12. Leki


    So, what are you favorite, and least favorite, mini-games, in any of the series? I've only played the Chocbo Tales one, and all of it's adorable... but I tend to love the Leviathan story books alot. And I really hate the tree ones, with the bouncing on leaves... I can never beat those. And...
  13. Leki

    Changing People

    Okay, I've been thinking about this (Leki seems to be thinking alot this day, eh?), and have been having conversations with mah dad. Topic is changing people to make them suit you and your needs. Such as, you seeing as their traits are bad, or not... quite your style, and try to get them to...
  14. Leki


    Leki is calling forth all battlers to charge forward into this fun lil challenge. This is to be an ongoing battle, and will continue for as long as people want to, no ending. You can join whenever, and leave whenever, just work it into your post. Please don't just say, "Yeah, I'm bored...
  15. Leki

    Leki's Circle

    Well, Leki back... and has been approved before. Just posting again. :3 Leki Edit: Want to be approved for all versions of RPs. I always add extra stuff depending on what kind of story it is, there's just alotta different versions of things, so it's alot to put in. :| ~~~~~~~~~~[APPROVED -...
  16. Leki

    Link Up

    LINK UP Dedicated to all those who play games together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rules: -all regular forum rules apply here -you must play at least ONE one game that can be played with people far away -post what you wanted listed, such as a Code...
  17. Leki


    I've been thinking about this topic lately, and I've been wandering... Is suicide legal? Do you think it shoudl be legal or illegal? I find it slightly stupid that people try to stop you ending your life, when it's your OWN body.
  18. Leki

    Original Story Circle

    Well, Leki has taken up writing stories, for the most part, fan fictions... But here is the first story I had publisized... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~click a underlined title below to go to story. Fayth Yuna and Tidus' meeting, written out. Oneshot kinda deal, one chapter. How He Watched - Part I...
  19. Leki


    anyone else find these cars incredibly awesome?! Leki would LOVE to have one of these cars, but mum will not allow. You know, you flip over, your basically crushed and therefore dead n all...... but their still cool.
  20. Leki

    Favorite FF Pictures

    is anyone else in the habit of collecting FF pictures? if so, whats your favorite that you have collected, or seen? so far, alot of my favs tend to be Amano pictures. but here is mine, of Tidus and Yuna.