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    Why i'm not excited about FF Explorers

    Personally from what ive seen about FFE (which isnt too much, but enough), it looks pretty cool. Job system looks pretty cool, i just wanna know if itll follow up like a tactics lvling system? can any1 provide that info? It looks like itll give the nostalgia feeling to classics RPGs. IMO it...
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    Tough Decision To Make..

    Play them both :). 9 is a great game & proclaimed as "one of the best". However i Believe that X is better than 9, but now talking about it makes me wanna play through 9 again because it is indeed a great game :)
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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD overall thoughts.

    How did the dark aeons interfere with Anima? i got him without any dark aeon issues.
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    Need Help Defeating Jecht

    Train more, Haste more, make sure everyone is in overdrive before you attempt to fight him. imo go get tidus, Yuna & aurons ultimate weapons then go try again. oh and breaking dmg limit doesnt hurt either :). hes honestly one of the easiest last bosses in any game imo. do you have the magnus...
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    Fan Art Lumina fanart! :)

    it looks really good :). you should try drawing her on the frozen ceiling from the opening scenes of LR :D
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    Help FFX/X-2 HD Vita problem (Digital Version)

    Sadly i do not know. im sure you wouldnt have to beat FFX first in order to play x-2. i havnt even taken mine outta the case yet to look, but with all other bundle games (Kingdom hearts, God of War, Tales of Symphonia) that i have you can play therm in any order
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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster - March 18th Countdown and Celebration!

    I just picked it up, shame i wont be able to play it for quite sometime (playing TOS hd atm :)). however i did end up paying more than i thought because of the strategy guide which i prolly didnt need, but i never played all of x-2 so i figured why not. IM SO HAPPY THO!
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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster - March 18th Countdown and Celebration!

    woot woot! 5 more days Then ill be replaying one of the greatest games ever created :D.
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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster - March 18th Countdown and Celebration!

    CANT WAIT!!!! well except for Tidus and Yuna laughing... that CAN wait -.- lol I wanna battle Penance and the Dark Aeons so bad, im going for 100% completion of first playthough!!
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    Lightning Returns General Discussion Thread

    Caius was so far the only boss ive had trouble with. Had to use 1 phoenix down, 2 remedies, 2 hi-pots, 1 veil potion & a max remedy & ended the battle with 100hp ;o. he was very flustering. However I advise that you finish all other main quests & about 25-35 side quests before doing caius, hes...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I think your argument that players wouldnt be interested in the battle combat is false. Everyone loves the old battle system of the FF games, it makes you think out each & every turn. and if people dont like that system & prefer the battle systems of say XII, well then too bad because the old...
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    Lightning Returns What in the world is Square thinking!?!?!

    Are you even playing this game razberry? of course shes just going through the motions, she has to, wether she likes it or not its what she has to do, she explains all of that. she has no emotions because shes basically a puppet, a puppet has no emotions, therefore Lightning cant have any.
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    Help [FFX] First Blitzball encounter tips?

    After you get passed the first game & have access to the guados, RECRUIT all the guados!!! theyre the best overall race IIRC :P
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    Lightning Returns Worse than XIII-2?

    theres plenty of time to do everything you want, idk how far u r into the game, i havnt even finished it yet, but i can guarantee theres plenty of time for exploration im on day 6 almost day 7 and ive done about as much exploration as there is to do :P
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    Lightning Returns How to use Cloud's suit

    Im half way into day 3 and still using clouds uniform and buster sword XD. its so powerful & heavy slash ftfw
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    Help FFXIII: Tough Time?

    you need to level up more in your crystarium. 13 shouldnt be that difficult, or maybe use a bestiary & find out what your doing wrong against each enemy. Or change up your line up. as for where to go after finishing up 13 series, Id say go buy the X/X-2 hd remakes that comes out in march. its...
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    Lightning Returns What in the world is Square thinking!?!?!

    Im currently on day 3 & i LOVE the game. everything about the game makes it very interesting & its a good challenge. You can fully customize Lightning which is GREAT, the skills you can find off monsters, and as for saying that fightning monster punishes you? u must not be playing right because...
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    [SPOILERS] CONFUSED: just completed FFX...

    Those are certainly good questions, however it is all explained in the story and maybe you missed a few points. the easiest question to explain is 'Why did Yuna have to destroy all the Aeons?" easy, she had to in order to get rid of sin iirc. However i do believe if you search the internet a lil...
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    Help Final Fantasy Xiii Lightning Returns question

    If you alrdy have both of the games, i personally suggest beating both of them. however since uve alrdy completed half of 13-2 then you should be able to finish it up soon. if you finish 13-2 then you should be caught up entirely anyway. but yes in order to understand everything such as key...