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    Question about downloading??

    Okay guys, so i made the mistake of Buying FF14 version 1.0. and i read on SE website that if you bought that then youll be able to download ARR for free, but just have to pay the monthly fees, however i cant figure out how to do it. Any chance you guys have experienced this or know how to make...
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    How did you first kill the final boss?

    Clearly Spoilers ahead :P How did everyone kill Jecht on their first or only playthrough of FFX? I personally killed him on my first playthough with no summons and no ultima weaps. it was a struggle for sure, but i ended up getting it. then i replayed the whole game again, got all the ultima...
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    Lets play a game (no saw reference intended)

    alls i see is so much hate for FFXIII/XIII-2. i personally loved the games. so ive decided that i want to see what was good/bad about it in every1s opinion. place 1 thing you liked about the games, and one thing u disliked about it. (everything is not a valid answer plz) Liked: leveling systems...
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    What are the chances that i just wasted my money?

    Last black friday i got a ps3, for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only... FFX HD, and KHIII with the announcement of the ps4 and 0 announcements for KHIII, what are the chances that you think KHIII will b made for the ps4? i think i might be screwed... :/ Id just like some imput and some feedback on...
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    Your Most embarrassing moment in Final Fantasy

    Im curious as to what embarrassing moments every1 has had in their final fantasy experiences, whether it be an easy puzzle you couldnt figure out, or you missed something huge and had to start over, or just something thats so easy that it slipped your mind. ill start, mine was either in FFX, i...
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    Majority of FF games 50% off on PSN

    will you be purchasing any? im thinking about getting FF 7 8 and 9 because they r only $5 each and i think my ps2 may die soon :( :soul: chocobo ;)
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    Your First REALLY Big Struggle

    As the thread states, I'm just curious as to what your first struggle was in FFX. I found alot of challenges in FFX and I'm just curious as to what everyone's first BIG struggle was. Mine was Definitely When you had to fight Sin from aboard the ship after you left the Al Bhed camp. it took me...
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    Whats the hardest item to get in game?

    I think this one is a no-brainer in my opinion, its definatly Lu-Lu's ultimate weapon. having to dodge the lighting all those times without messing it up. Ive seen people do it on youtube and they have it down so good, but in my opinion its almost impossible. whats your opinion on hardest item...
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    Hello :)

    Hello everyone, im new here. my name is Zeroxys (zer ox is) i just joined here today, got a lil bored at work & decided that i wanted to join a forum about FF so.. here i am :). im 21 and live in Michigan, im a locksmith. and when im not working or playing basketball, im usually playing video...