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  1. Cor Leonis

    KH Spinoffs The Realm of Darkness

    Kh is sort of a clusterfk at this point lol I could answer ur questions but they'll probably be wrong by the next time Nomura says something I will anyway: Ansem the wise was "flung" into the ROD (somehow) when his machine thing blew up at the end of kh2. He saw aqua after that and his...
  2. Cor Leonis

    KH Spinoffs Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~ [Some Spoilers]

    I just think the story had a lot going for it and then Nomura decided to make it all about time travel, which I always was scared he would do, and then was utterly dismayed when h did. I honestly hate when writers do that; at least if it was all just a dream it would make sense lmao I've never...
  3. Cor Leonis

    KH Spinoffs Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~ [Some Spoilers]

    It is a combination of BBS:FM and some concepts incorporated into DDD. The game itself (BBS2) will never come out because it was swallowed up by the series already. EXCEPT, I do imagine at some point there will indeed be a game about Aqua's time in the ROD, which could end up being titled BBS2...
  4. Cor Leonis

    KH Spinoffs The Realm of Darkness

    Honestly I am surprised Riku and Aqua did not meet in the realm of darkness, considering they both had strong hearts...I mean, Aqua met Ansem the Wise in the realm of darkness, it just seems silly that she never met Riku, especially considering Mickey was with him and that Mickey and Aqua had...
  5. Cor Leonis

    Could we see more FF console games this generation?

    NES: I ('87), II ('88), III ('90) Three games in three years. One year gap. SNES: IV ('91), V ('92), VI ('94) Three games in three years. Three year gap. PS1: VII ('97), VIII ('99), IX ('00) Three games in three years. One year gap. PS2: X ('01), XI ('02), XII ('06) Three games in five...
  6. Cor Leonis

    FFXIII: Love It or Hate It?

    At first I was confused by how "Love it" is far above "Hate it" in votes, but then I realized that most people whom hate this game would never come into this subforum... lol, count me as the exception since I came in here to see some FF13 hate, boy was I disappointed.
  7. Cor Leonis

    Final fantasy versus? Where are the chicks??? O.o

    Honestly, who cares? The only reason this would be a problem is if someone was uncomfortable with their sexuality... there was an April Fools joke a long while ago saying Noctis was actually gay. So what if that wasn't a joke? I have no problem with it. The whole "girly male" thing is outdated...
  8. Cor Leonis

    Thought about renaming it to XV?

    FFversus13 is essentially a completely different game from FF15. It was literally remade from the ground up. FFversus13 got very well into production before they scrapped it and started over, meaning FFversus13 was simply a game that was never released, and then remade into something else. Plus...
  9. Cor Leonis

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I personally like the ARPG style of XV, so I'd want VII remade in XV's style, mostly because XV's style is based off of Advent Children, which is how the original creators imagined the fighting to look like in their imaginations. They already said it would take a decade to remake VII, not much...
  10. Cor Leonis

    Final Fantasy Summon Elimination!!

    Shiva - 6 Bahamut - 17 (+2) Alexander -12 Odin - 12 Phoenix - 19 Dead: Ifrit Ramuh Carbuncle Leviathan
  11. Cor Leonis

    What If? Final Fantasy Movie

    I suppose they haven't made an animated series for Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. Hmmm. ;P I'm just kidding! I liked Advent Children, aside from some bad voice acting. But, it is the only FF that I really ever wanted to see more of in the form of a movie. I can't really think of any other FF game...
  12. Cor Leonis

    Ask a Stupid Question, get a Stupid Answer

    Because each successive game is the fantasy of the characters in the previous game. Inception. How do final fantasy characters carry so many items, plus their massive amounts of hair-care products?
  13. Cor Leonis

    Hey there.

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome! :D I'll definitely have to play FFIX when I get the chance now. :)
  14. Cor Leonis

    What is a "true" or "real" Final Fantasy

    If the game has spells that end in "aga," gives you the ability to power level from the very beginning of the game, has at least one crystal (materia included), has large amounts of weapons and accessories and items to equip, has a story line consisting of the need for a group of friends to save...
  15. Cor Leonis

    Yoshida P "gets it"

    Yoshida is a god, plain and simple. He should just be promoted to CEO, the company would be more streamlined and disciplined if he were. I have a feeling he'd get Nomura to focus less on runway clothing and more on directing to, because Nomura is a fantastic director, he just has poor time...
  16. Cor Leonis

    M rated Final Fantasy and would you want one?

    I honestly hope XV gets an M, because M games are always better.
  17. Cor Leonis

    Did Final Fantasy die with Sakaguchi's departure or is there hope?

    Nojima is our only hope. With him and Nomura working together, I have 100% faith in XV. Plus XV is everything that the original final fantasies wanted to be, but were unable to attain because of technology. Mind you, XIII was the worst piece of garbage I have ever had the displeasure of putting...
  18. Cor Leonis

    General FF Discussion Thread

    No power leveling = Not Final Fantasy Mindless Combat = Not Final Fantasy Motorcycle Shiva = Not Final Fantasy
  19. Cor Leonis

    General FF Favourites & Worsts List

    Favorite Everything except Voice Acting: VII Favorite Voice Acting: VII in Kingdom Hearts ^_^ Worst Everything except Sazh and Dajh: XIII
  20. Cor Leonis

    Favorite Summons in the Series

    BAHAMUT FTMFW MF's!!!!!!!