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  1. Cecil Strife

    Nice to see you again! I dont get on much anymore

    Nice to see you again! I dont get on much anymore
  2. Cecil Strife

    What is a man?

    What is a man? A miserable pile of lies! But enough talk- HAVE AT YOU!! Beat that.
  3. Cecil Strife

    It‘s been a while! How's it going?

    It‘s been a while! How's it going?
  4. Cecil Strife

    Hello people of FFF. I seem to be lurking a lot lately. Maybe someday...I will come back.

    Hello people of FFF. I seem to be lurking a lot lately. Maybe someday...I will come back.
  5. Cecil Strife

    Main Characters, and Why?

    I only really have 2 mains. Zidane, because FF9 is one of my favorites. I'm way better at aerial attacks than ground attacks. Cecil *points to username* because he's awesome. His ability to switch between Light and Darkness seems really cool to me, and he was my favorite FF character...
  6. Cecil Strife

    Is this worth it???

    FF8 isn't the best Final Fantasy game in my opinion, but despite what you may hear about it, it's a great and fun game. I'm guessing that the thing that turns most people off is the battle system. Your enemy's level is the average of your party's level, so leveling up isn't really useful. Whay...
  7. Cecil Strife

    Which is your favorite job within the series?

    I usually like theives most. They can get you some really good stuff that you can't find at a shop, and they're fast, so they can steal before the enemy runs away. Their attack power is decent too. Other than that, I'd pick Dragoons. Their Jump ability is really useful when you need to keep...
  8. Cecil Strife

    The exclusion of Yuffie and Vincent in the ending FMV

    It never really bothered me, considering that it would just be stupid and confusing for them to show up in the end if you never got them. FFVII was pretty much packed with material, so I'm betting either they didn't have enough space, or they just didn't want to go through the work. I didn't...
  9. Cecil Strife

    Crisis Core Did you cry? Were you moved?

    It was definitely one of the saddest ending to any game I've played. The fact that it wouldn't have taken them TEN MINUTES to get to Aerith in Midgar just made it twice as bad. Seeing Zack's final memories fade away through the DMW in the battle was really sad to. Even though all these terrible...
  10. Cecil Strife

    That's right.

    I bet you couldn't stand being without me. I'm back sooner than I thought. I guess it's me who can't stand being gone :D That's right, I'm back! If any of you forgot me *cough* I'll kill you *cough* I was the guy who loved the Mother / Earthbound series to death. Now I can say Final Fantasy...
  11. Cecil Strife

    See you. :( Don't worry though, I'll be back >:D

    See you. :( Don't worry though, I'll be back >:D
  12. Cecil Strife

    Another Day, Hopefully Soon.

    Hey, people of FFF. It's been nearly a month since I last got on. Sorry to my friends out there, but I'm just not really intrested in Final Fantasy anymore. I've officially moved on to a fully fledged Mother fan. I'll be on once in a while, but you can expect to see me somewhere on...
  13. Cecil Strife

    Nintendo Fun facts about Nintendo

    Nintendo does overdo the Mario spin-offs WAY to much. he has about 20 sports games and 8 Mario Parties! At least having a crapload to many games in your favorite series is better than HAVING NINTENDO RELEASE ONE FREAKING GAME IN YOUR FAVORITE SERIES OUTSIDE OF JAPAN! (Please excuse yet another...
  14. Cecil Strife

    Multiple Platforms Cave Story

    Now that I think about it, this thread should go in the "Multiple Platforms" section since it is available for PC, Wiiware, and Dsiware. Anyone who can is free to put it there. I'm currently stuck on the hidden final boss. I've mastered the dungeon, but the boss just crushes me. (Unless I get...
  15. Cecil Strife

    Multiple Platforms Cave Story

    Many people have heard of Cave Story: a freeware computer game that was recently remade onto the Nintendo Wii's Wiiware. Cave Story's graphics might be simple and out of it's time, but it's story is compelling, intresting, and very in depth (and almost RPG-like), and the gameplay is challenging...
  16. Cecil Strife

    Nintendo Best in the Zelda: Wind Waker Trilogy?

    I just started playing through The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and suddenly just thought, "Hey, this is a really great game!". It focused on exploration more than any other zelda game, giving you the entire Great Sea to explore, and nearly 50 islands to discover, not to mention the dozens of...
  17. Cecil Strife

    [V5] What are you currently listening to?

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. I'm addicted to this song! It's just to extremely catchy. The lyrics kinda make you wonder if he is enjoying his "lonely road". Why does such an upbeat song have such depressing lyrics? Either way, 9000/10
  18. Cecil Strife


    Agreed. Don't forget, "Goodbye." Doesn't Auron make fun of Tidus' singing in one of the flashbacks? I swear I remember it. Auron is no doubt my favorite FF10 character. The surprise about him near the end of the game OFFICIALY made him one of my favorite FF characters.
  19. Cecil Strife

    What game did you buy last?

    I ordered Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness for half price off of Ebay a week ago, and it arrived just today. I still haven't opened it. I got Disgaea 2 from one of my friends as a Christmas gift, and I really liked it. It was a lot like FF Tactics, but really overkill. (It let's you level up to...
  20. Cecil Strife

    Annoying Commercials?

    Some commercial against a type of medicine has been annoying me for a while. "If you have experience a death, heart-attack, or stroke while using *medicine name*, please call..." HOW CAN YOU CALL IF YOU EXPERIENCED DEATH?!