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    Set for the new girl?

    A set of this, or this with a candy-like theme [like pastels and brown, kind of like chocolate] and whatever sugary sweetness you decide to add would be all kinds of epic awesome <3
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    Original The Bat Prince

    This is a little story about a girl and her pet bat, who seems to be more than just that. It isn't yet finished but it will be soon~ Cara slowly trudged home after a grueling day of day of school, her shoulder length breaking from its bun and blowing in the harsh wind made by cars zooming...
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    WHat be up home diggity dog? :D

    I'm Jenovette [usually I go as Jenova, but someone already has that here ;^;] I like to write and I loooove video games. Castlevania is my favorite series with Final Fantasy somewhere in there okay I enjoy them range :] I don't like very much anime and I have a low tolerance for stupidity.