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  1. NeroTrinityX

    Me leaving the Mormon Faith

    As some of you know... I was a Latter Day Saint, or rather... a Mormon... Well, a few days ago I was studying, and I came across a Revelation from Brigham Young, that Black People were born from the Mark of Cain, and were therefore unable to get into heaven... I was like... Okay, I didn't see...
  2. NeroTrinityX

    A Bit about Mormonism (LDS)

    So... in the shoutbox, a few times I mentioned I was a Mormon Priest (Melchizedek Priesthood Holder) some think that equals not being able to marry and stuff, and for others it means "YOU'RE ALLOWED MORE THAN ONE WIFE?!" well... neither of those are really true for the Latter Day Saints. We...
  3. NeroTrinityX

    Shoutbox shouts not going through?

    I was returning home from dinner, and I seen LJ received my Direct Message shouts and replied, well when I went to reply, it wouldn't go through... I then tried a public one to no avail... would I by chance be shoutbox banned? Edit: So it's a site wide issue.
  4. NeroTrinityX

    Anime Kamen Rider Amazons

    So... Lets talk Kamen Rider Amazons, it airs on Amazon Prime in Japan, but we get the episodes subbed... Right now I'm on Episode 11... I left a bit of spoiler in spoiler tags :)
  5. NeroTrinityX

    Sig/Ava? Please? Battlefield 1

    I'm looking for a sig/avatar set, I wonder... would someone be able to make me a Battlefield 1 set? You can have creative freedom with it! The only requirement is this render needs used :D
  6. NeroTrinityX

    Nero's Old GFX

    I haven't done GFX in a year full time, you know... work a full time job, and dedicate a bunch of time to my LDS Church... so, I figure I'll post some stuff...
  7. NeroTrinityX

    Greeny I'm doing this because of you!

    Thanks to Greeny I'm back... I haven't delved in GFX in forever... so I'm going to be dead with that... I do however write, and write and manage a grocery store and am an active Church Primary teacher... so I'll try to be active... kill Greeny if I'm not!
  8. NeroTrinityX

    Nero's Road to Lightning Returns

    So, I'll join the lets play paradise with my new capture card! Let's go!
  9. NeroTrinityX

    I'm back, with an explanation of what happened.

    So, I've been away and I left pretty much without an explanation, well I'm back. The reason I left was so I could move for work and go back to school, and those of you that have seen me on PSN, please note that wasn't me... I loaned my PS3 to my cousin till I could get net back and stuff, well I...
  10. NeroTrinityX

    PSA: Capture Card specs!

    I got this from Yeousch, you all who Want to start LP's or commentaries, should have a look at this! Hauppauge HDPVR NOTE: This is NOT the Hauppauge HDPVR2. Records from: Component HD Passthrough: Yes Best video quality: 720p Editing software included: No, but it comes with a software for...
  11. NeroTrinityX


    So I figured I would join Greeny in this section because it's the awesome thing to do. I have like three chapters up right now, so... LETS GET TO IT!
  12. NeroTrinityX

    Nero FX

    It's been a while, a new Photobucket account and new sigs!
  13. NeroTrinityX

    Nero's Graphical Return

    ^Not too fond of it ^Check this on a white background for full effect. I haven't really been messing with PS THAT much since getting my computer back online, but I started again, and the above items are a start in what I hope are more GFX!
  14. NeroTrinityX

    Returning from a computerless hiatus

    So, I decided to return first chance I got, I have a new computer and all. I am getting back into making new sigs and stuff, so yeah. I'm back!
  15. NeroTrinityX

    Nero GFX

    You all seen my work, I'm not taking requests at the moment, but here is a comment section for my work. Criticize also! I'm not really that great!
  16. NeroTrinityX

    Nero GFX

    Hey guys, just put PS back into my Laptop for the umpteenth time and figured I'd show off some of my GFX. I'm not a pro, so PM me any tips you have!
  17. NeroTrinityX

    How's it going peeps?

    How's it hanging y'all? I'm a GFX designer and a huge FF fan, well so are you all apparently. The game's I'm playing now are X, XII, VII, Crisis Core and XIII. I hope to chat with y'all on the forums.