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    Some sigs, + video tutorial + resource pack

    Hey folks. Been a while. I am getting back into GFX currently so just here posting some of my recent sigs ;) and also a video tutorial I made for another sig. Video tutorial + resource pack available here: linked removed due to advertising Video tutorial coming soon! Hopefully will...
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    Champions League Final Thread

    Just thought people might like to discuss it so far. Been a really good game, I'm really not-disappointed lol :) But OMG luckiest goal ever????? Rebounds off 2 people, falls into the lap of Lampard, and Van Der Sar slips right in front of him???? grrr Tevez could of had 2. Carrick should have...
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    FFVII The Complete Story

    I am one of those very underpriveliged people who have never actually played FFVII. The only part of the compilation I have experienced is Advent Children. The background story, with Mako, Jenova, Genesis/Angeal/Spehiroth/Zack etc etc interests me greatly. Also, I would like to know more about...
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    hellooo (again)

    Just came back from a 1 year hiatus. Actually came back about a week ago, but only posted a "return thread" in the GFX forum, forgot to post anything here. Anywaysssss I doubt many of you remember me. I wasn't particularly active except in the GFX forums. Anyway nice to be back. See you around :)
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    Advent Children When Yazoo shoots Cloud....

    AT th ebeginning of the film, when they are on motorbikes, Yazoo shoots Cloud in the face and knocks of his glasses, was he using rubber bullets or something?????? Later Yazoo just shoots right through Cloud... Could someone clear this up for me plz :)
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    David Cook - Billie Jean

    One for the best songs I've ever heard. Really awesome version of Billie Jean. It is basically Chris Cornell's version. David Cook: Listen to it it is really really good. Chris Cornell's original version:
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    Old Painting

    An experimental portrait-style painting I did about 4 months ago as part of my developmental work, working towards a final piece. Just thought I'd post it, since I have it uploaded anyway. Sorry picture quality isn't great, and colours are slightly off what they are in real life. Was my...
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    Need RB Dance tunes

    I need to make a dancey RnB playlist quickly anyone got any ideas for some tracks to go in it? By dancey RnB I mean like stuff that you can dance to, but RnB or rap style. No trance or stuff like that, and no pure RnB. Baah crap explanation...I mean stuff kinda like this...
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    Hi there

    Hey I'm new here, well kind of. I used to come here about a year ago, but have been inactive since then. Some of you may remember me, some not. I am hoping to get back into things, so yeah just thought I'd mention it. I'm glad to see SOTW took off here, last I remember it was pretty dead...
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    New piece

    Haven't done anything in absolutely AGES. I blame school... Anyway hopefully I'll be getting back into the whole GFX scene quickly. First piece after a long holiday: Need help naming guys. Hope you like it ;)
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    Recent LPs

    Recent LPs: Just messing around with features of Illustrator: "Proper"...
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    2nd and 3rd C4Ds And mini banners (just cropped) to go with my 1st 3 c4ds ;) :
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    My first C4D!
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    New Sig

    New Sigz Finally done. Been working on this one for ages. Jut couldn't get the right look. Anyway what do you think? *PS If anyone knows how to do accents on Photoshop that would be great. I want to get that accent above the "u" on her name.
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    My Sig Tutorials

    Here are some tutorials for some of my sigs. All sigs are made by me, as are the tutorials. I will post tutorials in this thread as I make them, so look out got updates :P These are the only 3 I've made so far. Sorry, they are a bit crappy. Click on the sig to see the tutorial for it...
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    Eidolon's Sig Shop

    Opening my new sig shop :D Previous Stuff: I also do renders!!! Please link to any images you want in a tag. Also say any text you would like. Crediting me in your sig isn't necessary, but is appreciated!!! Cheers.
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    :D I'm back!!!

    Some stuff I've done since I've been gone: Anyway, nice to be back. Currently working on a Delta Goodrem tag. Also, nice to see we have a moderator for this section now. Congrats Shion.
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    Snowboarding Sig

    Here's a new style I tried: What do you think?
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    Dwight McCarthey (Clive Owen)

    Dwight from Sin City, played brilliantly by Clive Owen. What do you think? I'm not sure if people prefer grainy or smooth images. Anyway I have two versions, one of each. This is one of them.
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    Evangeline Lilly

    Although I didn't finish it in time (or start it in time for that matter) I thought I'd do one for the SOTW1 that never was anyway. So here it is: I tried a bit of text, but nothing seemed to work particularly well, so I just left it out. I know it's not too topical, but I wanted to do one...