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    Some sigs, + video tutorial + resource pack

    Yeah I thought that the links to the other site might not be allower, so apologies for that. For some reason I couldn't find the forum rules! lol. Anyway thanks for the comments. I am sure I will be becoming more active here when my exams are over. Just so I know, if I do want to post the...
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    Some sigs, + video tutorial + resource pack

    Hey folks. Been a while. I am getting back into GFX currently so just here posting some of my recent sigs ;) and also a video tutorial I made for another sig. Video tutorial + resource pack available here: linked removed due to advertising Video tutorial coming soon! Hopefully will...
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    Recognizing Signature Styles

    I can recognise Claymore's for sure. Usually it's the most polished looking one ;)
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    SOTW 47 Voting

    2 GMV. Quite simply it's the most pleasing on the eye. 3 is nice, although I dislike the colouring. #1 omg it looks like a ncie background, but then in the middle someone has just vomited everywhere. Balthier is far too light in comparison with rest of sig.
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    Sig Tutorial

    Photoshop 7 is fine for sig making. I made most of my earlier ones on 7, and although it is a tad easier on CS2 (thanx to better layout mainly) 7 has everything you should need.
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    SOTW 45 Voting thread

    #1 for the same reasons as Claymore really. I normally liked fixed stock themes, but just didn't fancy any of these stocks. Next time perhaps include more variety...just cause the anime ones were similar, and the Kurt Cobain and 2 Matt Bellamy ones were also similar.
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    How Long Does It Take You To Make A Signature?

    Takes me about an hour. Generally I stop-start though. I don;t bother trying to finish it in one go cuz it does my head in. That's not counting the 5-30 mins time taken to render the stock, if I need to.
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    SOTW 44 Voting Thread

    ummm yeah #1. To be completely honest it's the only one that looks like some thought has actually gone into it. I don't really see the "design" in the other 2...
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    Britains Got Talent

    That's what I thought. I was sure I'd seen a "modern" stings quartet before. George was pretty good, but I don't think he's special. There's tons of teenagers who can freestyle just as well as him. The rain was a nice touch, he's probably watched Step Up 2 :P Everyone else was pretty average...
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    SOTW 43 Voting thread

    #1 Render too transparent IMO, and wireframe was badly placed. Wireframes are great to create flow so maybe look at that again. #2 Absolutely love the colour and lighting, but dislike the clipping masked face and neck. #3 Really like the. Can't really critisize except maybe it doesn't have...
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    Zack Fair Sig/Avatar Request

    Just made this now. That ok?
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    Tutorial C4D Usage/Placement

    Just another note, for some particular C4Ds, they work well as lighting, You can make some really cool lighting effects with them. They tend to be the C4Ds with some soft edges, and large plane surfaces. If in doubt, make your own C4Ds. It really doesn't take very long to pick up at all.
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    Sig Tutorial

    Looking around various websites, I would say it's the opposite. Newbies usually use masses of brushes and c4ds, which end up being way overused and just plain messy, but then a lot of the more experienced GFXers use lots of stocks, patterns etc. Visit for a lot of free stocks. You can...
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    SOTW / AOTW Discussion & Results

    I would quite like an LP competition. I wouldn't expect many entries though, since it's significantly more work than sigs. Also, I would say LPs would be hard (decent ones anyway) for the relative beginners to make. And then there's what classifies as "LP", size constraints...
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    SOTW 42 Voting Thread

    Not keen on any of this weeks tbh. #1 Kinda nice, but the embossed border is a massive no-no for me #2 Emotive IMO, but I am biased since the stock chosen is one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies (if you've seen it you'll know what I mean). Found it hard to work in B/W...
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    The Ting Tings

    Yeah that's Great DJ. That's Not My Name doesn't do that much for me to be honest.
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    Champions League Final Thread

    You are right on the money there. Right on. My heart was in my mouth when John Terry stepped up to take his kick. For me it would have been a travesty if Chelsea took the title, after, for me, completely ruining the game with their endless moaning and complete disregard for the authority of...
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    Champions League Final Thread

    Hmph, Drogba got sent off. Ballack should be off, simply for being a complete d*ck. :( I hate penalties. The team I'm rooting for always seems to lose :S
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    Champions League Final Thread

    Admittedly Chelsea have been the better side since half time. I am just gonna have a little moan here: Chelsea are the most unsporting, disgusting team I have ever watched. They contest every decision, swarming round the referee, blatantly mouthing off. The team as a whole need to clean up...
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    Champions League Final Thread

    I'm in the same boat as you mate. But man...if Chelsea win, and thanks to that fluke goal....*shudder* Any thought on substitutions? At the moment for Fergie I'd keep it the same, just tell the players to do more of what they are doing. Later on, perhaps put Hargreaves back in the middle and...