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  1. blakstang98

    Picking up the Guitar (again)

    It's that time again. I have picked up the guitar again. For reference, I have played on and off for close to 15 years. And after a hiatus of about 5 or 6 years, I've picked it up again. This time, I'm going to make it stick and improve to be a legit adequate player. So in my personal...
  2. blakstang98

    Ranking Main Series Final Fantasy Soundtracks Worst to Best

    Seeing as how there is already a thread regarding ranking the main series games from worst to best, why not do the same for soundtracks? I'll start with mine, not including XI, XIV and XV because I know little to nothing about them. How do you rank the soundtracks...
  3. blakstang98

    Video Editing Software

    Well, this might be the first time I've ever posted in this part of the forum in my 10 years here. There's a first time for everything, I guess. So, as the thread name says, does anyone know what kind of good video editing software is out there? Doing a simple search, I've seen a bunch of...
  4. blakstang98

    Serious Lots of Questions, Lack of Answers

    Lately, I've found myself in this conundrum. I find myself having questions about real life things, and answers aren't exactly popping up. I'm a person of resolve, so having a lot of unanswered questions has been getting in the way of my mind going to sleep, which makes me not sleep well...
  5. blakstang98

    Video Games, Music & Video Game Music

    Site Name: Video Games, Music & Video Game Music Site URL: Description: A blog site about video games, music, video game music and other various topics, like sports.
  6. blakstang98

    Trouble Creating a New Thread

    Hello. I've tried creating a thread that I've been trying to create since the weekend. No luck. I click the "post thread" button and it does nothing. It's like clicking a dead link. We'll see if this thread actually creates. Thank you.
  7. blakstang98

    FFF Member Career List

    With what seems like an older crowd on FFF these days, compared to when I was last around on the forum, I figure this could be a thread that shows some of the career diversity. I was in my career when I was here years ago, but a lot of you were still students. So I'm thinking we may see some...
  8. blakstang98

    Sperm Donor Dads

    I recall reading an article a few years ago about how some dude basically fathered like 50 kids, or something like that, as a result of numerous sperm donations to the sperm bank. And then the thought comes to mind about how this guy feels about this. I mean you could basically have the...
  9. blakstang98

    Serious Career Advice

    I'm not sure if this forum got any older from back in the days when I was more active, and if it has, maybe you can help me. So I've been working at my current job for 5+ years. It's a solid job and I've really had very few bad days of work. It was even a good escape from when things at home...
  10. blakstang98

    [Birthweek] FFF Musical Instrument Competition 2011

    Musical Instrument Competition 2011 Not a singer, but would like to show off your other talent?! Then this is the perfect competition for you. Strum your guitar, play a melody on the keyboard, make some noises with your drumsticks, it's all up to you! You must be present on the video (at...
  11. blakstang98

    Urban, Suburban or Rural?

    The other day when driving through a wooded area, it got me thinking which kind of area I'd like to live in. All 3 of them have their pros and cons. Not to mention your life happenings at the time would dictate which area is the better choice. So I ask you all, which area would you prefer to...
  12. blakstang98

    Rest in Peace, "Macho Man" Randy Savage Those of you who were wrestling fans back in the 80's and 90's know of Macho Man. He had a heart attack while he was driving and hit a tree. Now he'll be added to the very large list of...
  13. blakstang98

    Happy Birthday, Jace!

    Happy birthday, Jace! :awesome: Hope everything on the battlefront is going well, as well as everything else in life. Do make sure to take care of yourself. Hope you have an awesome day today! :ryan:
  14. blakstang98

    Charlie Sheen is Losing His Mind

    I'm not good at making these news threads, so bear with me. Source (amongst many others from the past few weeks, but this is the latest) So I'm sure many of you have seen Charlie Sheen appear as a news topic one time or another recently. He can basically make for a montage worthy video with...
  15. blakstang98

    My Sincerest Apologies

    Hello citizens of FFF! I've come to tell you all that I'm sorry if I've rubbed any of you the wrong way in the past month. I honestly haven't done anything different or said anything different than I previously have, but it would appear that I keep rubbing people the wrong way. As a result of...
  16. blakstang98

    Felons vs. Felons

    So when I was at work today, I saw a random article on MSN talking about people that have done well with their 2nd chances at life after a felony. I didn't read the article, but it was on the home page and it had a picture of Martha Stewart and Michael Vick. Now, my question to you is, aside...
  17. blakstang98

    Serious Career Change?

    I know this thread won't apply to most of you because you haven't reached the post-graduation part of life yet, but someone might be able to make some sense of this better than I am right now. Okay, so I'm working for a federal subcontractor doing work for the US DoD. In all honesty, my job...
  18. blakstang98

    Happy Birthday Jay!

    Happy 20th birthday, other half! :awesome: I'm assuming you're getting a new guitar and maybe some PS3 games? Hey, you are my other half afterall. :hmph:! Nah seriously man, I hope you have an awesome day. :griin: I know something that would make you really happy for your birthday. :tehe...
  19. blakstang98

    Happy Birthday Dee!

    Happy 25th birthday Dee! :awesome: How does it feel to be half way to 50? :lew: What kind of costume are you getting? :mokken: Have an awesome day. :ryan:
  20. blakstang98

    Happy Birthday Mits!

    Happy 24th birthday Mits! :awesome: My present to you is that I will give you a free pass from doing staff work for the whole day. :ryan: And if you feel like you need to make me an Admin temporarily to achieve that, then I won't oppose. :lew: I'm sure you have thoughts on some games for PS3...