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  1. domx

    Help FF XV Update

    Hello ! I have Final Fantasy XV Window Edition and I have some questions : 1 - What is the latest updated version of the game ? 2 - Where Can I find the update ? 3 - is it possible to update from the game ? Thank, you !
  2. domx

    Help Rose of wind

    Hi guys! I have a problem...i can t find the Rose of wind in ovest desert .... i Tried to click all around the cactus ( the one that is in ovest alone ) but nothing s very difficult...anyone can help me ? I'm playn Zodiac Age. Thanks.
  3. domx

    FF XII Telelits

    HCiao, sto giocando a FF Xii, l'età dello zodiaco. Qualcuno può aiutarmi a trovare un negozio di Teleliti Telelits? O altri metodi? thank you !! Hello ! I 'm playn FF XII THE ZODIAC AGE. Anyone can help me to find a Telelit's Shop ? Or other methods ? Thank u .
  4. domx

    Beatrix Mod

    hello ! I have a problem, I'm trying to make the Beatrix Mod work, I followed the instructions but still can't recruit it into the group. I uninstalled and installed the game but nothing to do. According to the instructions, Beatrix should join the team when you get the Hildagarde III. Can you...
  5. domx

    Chocograph 20 unavailable

    Hello ! i have a problem. I can't catch the chocograph 20 in chocogulf . but i was able to find the other 3 ( 17, 18, 22 ) . I tried several hours to find the 20th in chocogulf but nothing happen.... I have purle Chocobo, only needs to be upgraded to Golden Choco...... and...when can I reach the...
  6. domx

    Tent bug

    Hi dears ! I've a problem for quite some time. When I use a tent in the world map it does not fully recharge HP and MP of the characters, there must be a BUG ; It's the same when they rest in the inns, I don't know.... it is Annoying...( I'm playng FINAL FANTASY IX PC STEAM VERSION ) .
  7. domx

    Evocation video

    Hi ! Anyone knows how to watch , always the time , the Evocation video complete and not in part ? I', playng FF IX steam edition for PC. Thanks, Domy.