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  1. Moogle Angel

    Annoying cliches in movies and tv shows

    we could replace girl with guy. The most cliche thing ever is the evil twin.... Oh how I hate that.
  2. Moogle Angel

    Cid's Avatars and Sigs.

    They kinda okay, I have seen much better. add more effects, try to blend, and all that jazz.
  3. Moogle Angel

    Sakura sig

    simple, but nice. I don;t like how the picture looks pixalated. otherwise nothing wrong with it.
  4. Moogle Angel

    My Sigs

    I liek the second one better. Its so much more... gothic? I dunno, they are good.
  5. Moogle Angel

    not entirely sure if i can post this....

    Just a sig.. I want it to be provacative!.... but I don't know what to put.
  6. Moogle Angel

    not entirely sure if i can post this....

    alright I changed it around a bit so what do you guys think? also, suggestion for text please!
  7. Moogle Angel

    not entirely sure if i can post this....

    okay help make it better! I have this saved in a psd format, the only thing I can't change is the backround everything else, like the renders, and the patternt boxes and the cuts can be changed, I haven't added text yet cause I have no idea as to what to put on it.... so yea help me make it...
  8. Moogle Angel

    My GFX

    the only one i have a boen with is th eseph one, the text is kinda out of place.
  9. Moogle Angel

    Rikku set

    I have been wearing it for a while so i though i would get yourt guy's reaction twoard it.
  10. Moogle Angel

    Matoro Bionicle

    better than the first. I personall would like a border.
  11. Moogle Angel

    new tifa

    so now what do i have to do to make the style better?
  12. Moogle Angel

    Vivi abstract

    I er bigger is better. I like the style, but I hate the simpleness of the text... try and blend it.
  13. Moogle Angel

    New ff girls!

    so what can i do to make this style better?
  14. Moogle Angel

    new elizaness!

    I know that there is no text... I just don;t know how to do text atm.... I forgot!
  15. Moogle Angel

    new stuff

    okay will try.
  16. Moogle Angel

    new stuff

    oaky i want reviews.
  17. Moogle Angel

    amyness redone

  18. Moogle Angel

    Care For Me

    SMexy! rhw andromeda test is kinda small and grainy, try to soften it or make it a size or two bigger. other than that... totally SMEXY!
  19. Moogle Angel


    okay please comment on this please. i have to edit it later for the forum but plz comment now.
  20. Moogle Angel

    new stuff.

    so what do you think?