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  1. *Omni-Slasher*

    Hey guys

    Heh, don't worry Sephiropth. I think Avin is just messing with you. ;) Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay.
  2. *Omni-Slasher*

    What an idiot

    Not really "an idiot" for doing so. It is possible to play the game without summon materia. I never used it when I played. I just leveled up my characters a lot. He should be fine without summons.
  3. *Omni-Slasher*

    Mandi's Gallery of Art

    I smell jealousy in there somewhere or maybe it's just Aerith's flowers. Interesting to see how this will turn about.
  4. *Omni-Slasher*

    Favorite boss?

    As stupid as this may seem, I would have to say (in Cid's words) "Fat Man Palmer". I just found it rather amusing that he'd taunt you with his fat butt but then as soon as you whip him up a bit he begins to run then he gets nailed with a Shinra truck.
  5. *Omni-Slasher*

    Fan Fiction Final Fantasy VII: The Past of the Cetra

    Terrific read, Lady Aerith! Poor Andria, all those questions flooding her mind. The Cid segment was pretty funny, "Mmmm I just died 'n gone ta Heaven," Good ol' Cid and his cigs, hehe. I must say what went on with Cloud and Azoth was really interesting and you made a heck of a cliffhanger as...
  6. *Omni-Slasher*

    What Are You Currently Listening To V2

    Thinking About Forever - P.O.D. (Payable On Death). 10/10. Good song and it helps me think about my future.
  7. *Omni-Slasher*

    What Are You Currently Listening To V2

    Falling - Lacuna Coil. 10/10. Has good singing to it.
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  9. *Omni-Slasher*

    Yeah i`m new....ish

    Welcome Keeper of Time. Enjoy your stay.
  10. *Omni-Slasher*

    Who do you think Aeris liked more?

    Lady Aerith pretty much summed it nicely, but there's one mere part of the game that "proves" Aerith loves Cloud more than she did Zack :
  11. *Omni-Slasher*

    Where are you going when you die?

    I'm personally not for sure. Pretty confident I'd make to Heaven for people who use that term, but then I question it. So it's just a matter of when the time arrives.
  12. *Omni-Slasher*

    Favorite Food?

    Have to be pizza. My "perfect" pizza is mushrooms, onions, and extra cheese.
  13. *Omni-Slasher*

    Are you perverted?

    "Not so much." I can be perverted when I want to be, but for the most part, I'm clean minded.
  14. *Omni-Slasher*

    Prefered Eye Color

    I have hazel eyes (blue/green) but if I were to to choose a color for myself or someone else, I would choose green as a preference.
  15. *Omni-Slasher*

    Nintendo Earthbound

    Earthbound, quite an unforgettable name. This was one of my original RPGs I first ever played. The first person view for battling was different for those times. The characters were really good, the weapons were different, and I found it funny how the items you purchased was just mere food items...
  16. *Omni-Slasher*

    Best Nintendo console (includes GB)

    I would have to say the Super Nintendo would be the best. Why? Because it has so many amazing games and memories.
  17. *Omni-Slasher*

    Favorite Holiday?

    My favorite holiday would be Christmas, seeing as I don't celebrate Halloween.
  18. *Omni-Slasher*

    What Continent are you on?

    Just a typical North American.
  19. *Omni-Slasher*

    What is your sexual orientation?

    I am one hundred percent heterosexual male.
  20. *Omni-Slasher*

    The next generation of Jenova

    Good observation. It would be freaky if this were the case though. You'd have miniature Sephiroth's running around as in kids. I'd have to say a "select" few remnants have a chance of becoming Sephiroth, not all would.