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    The way of the Samurai [TAG]

    i really like your style, very nice tbh :D
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    Altering images in Photoshop

    ah ok :P my bad, you could probably just brush over the area with a colour, or even fill it, then set it to like colour or something in the blending options, might not look all that great though, also colour balance, gradient maps, etc. could be used
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    Altering images in Photoshop

    put a gradient map layer of black to white over the photo and then use the layer mask to let colour show through where you want it to
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    Background removal

    pen tool is a good choice for cutting out stocks :)
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    few tags

    there are quite a few styles there, but ill make a tag tutorial and post it up :) thanks for all the comments people :D love you
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    SotW Sign-Up Thread

    ill sign up to this
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    few tags

    new here so i figured id post some of my stuff to get some crit and stuff o.o thanks for any comments you can give me, can't really get a good style going atm :/
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    some quick questions

    hey. i did a search but i couldnt find any threads about this, was just wondering if anyone knew when a patch or something to support directx 10 cards (8800gtx) will be coming out? at the moment the game doesnt look all that great and i cant read any of the menu items :( also would anyone be...