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  1. Roxas 101

    Inuyasha Fans watch this Video

    I found this Video on the Adult swim site its titled Whats Inuyasha doing now its a little funny and very wierd http:// enjoy
  2. Roxas 101

    why online

    :D why did they have to put FFXI online I mean i haven't played it all the way through because my friend has it but it the why did they online in the first place that just ruined the game altogether. what do you guys think.
  3. Roxas 101

    What do you think?

    :cool: so becides the fact that the graphics are bad what do you think of the first sequel of the origanal Final Fantasy
  4. Roxas 101


    what do you guys think about Blitzball in FFX
  5. Roxas 101


    what do you think about Blitzball in FFX good or bad
  6. Roxas 101


    for those of you who chose to be a keyblader for the RPG may join this clan. so who wants to join
  7. Roxas 101

    Hiya guys

    Names Roxas 101 the forum is so cool already and I've only been here for a day hope to make friends and find challenges for the RPG
  8. Roxas 101

    how do I...

    How do I change the Custom User title on the other forum I was on it was in edit profile but its not in there
  9. Roxas 101

    Anime Naruto

    Hey guys isn't naruto the best what do you guys think about it
  10. Roxas 101

    what do you think

    what do you guys think about FFX-2 I Think its cool
  11. Roxas 101


    whats your favorite part in Kingdom Hearts mine is the part where Donald goofy and sora first meet its kinda funny
  12. Roxas 101

    Name the quote

    All you guys have to do is say a quote and let the other people try and guess it ok I'll start " Cunno" tell me who said the quote and where if you can
  13. Roxas 101


    hey guys do you think KH2 is cool or what I say heck yeah