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  1. VillainFan42

    How Many Episodes? My Theory

    So I decided to sit down and try to figure out, if the rest of VII Remake moves at the same pace as Episode one, how many episodes will there be overall? Well, I have a theory: There will be four. Episode One will cover all of Midgar, as Square Enix has already said. Episode Two will start...
  2. VillainFan42

    Top 30 Final Fantasy Villains Countdown (Complete!)

    So a while back I decided to make a list of my favorite Final Fantasy villains, since I love Final Fantasy and I love villains. Well, since then I've played more games that I hadn't before, and so I decided on my nerd blog (that I just started last month) and in the spirit of Halloween, all...
  3. VillainFan42

    Main Series Games from Worst to Best

    There are two things I have an unhealthy obsession with: Final Fantasy and lists. So, having played every main series Final Fantasy game, I decided to organize them in order of quality. I will admit I may be biased in places, and this is mostly my own opinion. I'd love to hear your opinions.
  4. VillainFan42

    What content was added post-release (+rant)

    Final Fantasy XV, as you know, was released incomplete. Because game developers are the worst. I didn't actually get around to playing XV until I got a PS4 for my birthday and got the Royal Edition right as it came out. Based solely on the Royal Edition, I can safely say I really, really like...
  5. VillainFan42

    Ugh, how much longer?!

    Okay, so I only fairly recently got Final Fantasy XIV. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I got its expansions as well, though I had to drop it for a few months due to college. I beat the main story and I just finished the 2.3 story content. How much longer until I get to the Heavensward content? I...
  6. VillainFan42

    What I want from XVI

    I've played every Final Fantasy game except for XI (I'm waiting for the mobile version that I'm fairly certain will never get released) and I have a good idea of what I want from a Final Fantasy game. Here are a few things I hope to see in Final Fantasy XVI. 1- A more traditional magic system...
  7. VillainFan42

    SPOILERS My Problems with Final Fantasy 4

    I recently decided to replay a bunch of Final Fantasy games, and while my love for 6 and 10 were re-confirmed, I noticed that Final Fantasy 4 didn't hold up very well. Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's a fine game, probably the point where the series finally got a feel for what it was. But...
  8. VillainFan42

    PC Version with relatively weak PC

    Okay, so I got the XV benchmark when it was released and had an unbelievably bad time. Even on the lowest setting, my computer still got 900 at the end (it requires a minimum of 2000 to run properly, it said). Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently the every setting on the benchmark used the...
  9. VillainFan42

    My complete thoughts on Final Fantasy VIII

    My friend and I finally beat Final Fantasy VIII, and… what the heck did I just play?! I mean, I enjoyed it, but it also had some absolute garbage moments. I can’t quite quantify whether or not I liked it, but I still want to review the game so I’ll make a complete list of our observations...
  10. VillainFan42

    War of the Lions WotL Party Suggestions?

    I recently started playing FF Tactics War of the Lions for the first time, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I can't say for sure, but I feel like I'm nearing the end of chapter 1 and I'm a little overwhelmed by all the options. This strikes me as one of those games where I need to have my...
  11. VillainFan42

    Great Villains Outside the Main Games?

    A while back I posted my top 20 Final Fantasy Villains. I want to expand it to 30 and make a YouTube video, but with that many, I want to know if there are any villains outside the main 15 games that deserve a place? I haven’t played any FF games outside the main series, so I don’t know. I...
  12. VillainFan42

    Top 20 Best Final Fantasy Villains

    I love Final Fantasy and I love villains. Ergo, I love Final Fantasy villains and I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of the best in the series. For this list, there's no limit to how many can be from the same game (although only one game gets more than 2) and it's not restricted to main...
  13. VillainFan42

    Weapon Upgrades: Are they even worth it?

    So I decided to attempt to play through Final Fantasy XIII again so I can say I’ve beaten every main series game. However, I have to ask. It’s a bit of a roadblock I encountered while playing the first time. My question is: is it better to keep switching to new equipment as the game goes on? Or...
  14. VillainFan42

    Help Question about the level curve

    Okay, so I’m slowly beginning to warm up to FF8 but I still have a very large issue with it, and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. See, I’m currently in the prison at the start of Disc 2. I just beat Biggs and Wedge but I wasn’t able to draw that much magic from them. In addition, it...
  15. VillainFan42

    This Game is Insanely Unbalanced

    Now, don't get me wrong- Final Fantasy VI is my favorite main series game. Heck, it's my favorite game of all time. (Although IX could very well overtake it) But has anyone else noticed how poor the game balance is, especially near the start? I mean, think about it- with Magic, it starts off...
  16. VillainFan42

    Two Questions (PS2 Version)

    I started replaying the original PS2 game not too long ago (I can't afford a PS4 and I doubt I'll try to get one until the VII remake gets released). I just got to the point where I finally have all 6 party members available, but I have a couple things I want to ask about the game. First, I...
  17. VillainFan42

    Help with Reviews

    I'm thinking of doing a review of all the main series Final Fantasy games, but I want to judge it based on 10 criteria, and as of now, I can only think of about 6. These are: -Story -Characters -Battle System -Character Growth -Music -Graphics I want there to be 10 so the final score can be...
  18. VillainFan42

    Sylver Axford

    ORPG/URPG/RPB- URPG (preferrably Final Fantasy) Name – Sylver Axford Alignment – Good Race – Human Gender – Male Age – 22 Appearance – Sylver isn't particularly muscular, but is fairly tall, standing at a height of '6"1. He has white hair which covers his left eye and goes down to...
  19. VillainFan42

    Um... Hello... I guess

    I'm VillainFan42. I consider myself a rather hardcore Final Fantasy fan. Just saying hi.