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  1. Moogle Angel

    not entirely sure if i can post this....

    okay help make it better! I have this saved in a psd format, the only thing I can't change is the backround everything else, like the renders, and the patternt boxes and the cuts can be changed, I haven't added text yet cause I have no idea as to what to put on it.... so yea help me make it...
  2. Moogle Angel

    Rikku set

    I have been wearing it for a while so i though i would get yourt guy's reaction twoard it.
  3. Moogle Angel

    new tifa

    so now what do i have to do to make the style better?
  4. Moogle Angel

    New ff girls!

    so what can i do to make this style better?
  5. Moogle Angel

    new elizaness!

    I know that there is no text... I just don;t know how to do text atm.... I forgot!
  6. Moogle Angel

    new stuff

    oaky i want reviews.
  7. Moogle Angel

    amyness redone

  8. Moogle Angel


    okay please comment on this please. i have to edit it later for the forum but plz comment now.
  9. Moogle Angel

    new stuff.

    so what do you think?
  10. Moogle Angel


    so yea... i made a dark angel type sig thing... you guys like it?
  11. Moogle Angel

    request set

    okay this one was requested bya freind, his user name is angel gabriel. i didn't spend to much time on it but blegh....
  12. Moogle Angel

    transparency files...

    okay Is there a website wherei can upload my sigs and avatars with a tranparent bg? and what is it? is it free?
  13. Moogle Angel


    new text style new sig style
  14. Moogle Angel


  15. Moogle Angel

    i tried tut...

    here waht i came up with... it did not come out as it was suppose to. the reason the test isn't the same is cause the text in the tut was way too plain so i experimented... 1st 2cd
  16. Moogle Angel

    Yuffie set

    okay, this is my newest one. I tried to make it... lighted.
  17. Moogle Angel

    shiva set

    sorry its for another forum, i'll haave an edit later, but right now i jsut won't do it. after i'm done the gray part will blend with the forum!
  18. Moogle Angel

    if paine and tidus got in a fight

    who would win? i think paine!
  19. Moogle Angel

    a sig of my name!!!

    yes im that fullof myself!
  20. Moogle Angel

    Which movie am I thinking of?

    this a game slash help thread. The first poster asks aquestion about a movie or game or tv show, the next personeto answer to the first poster's approval gets to ask the next question or jsut pass it on in case he she doesn't need it.