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  1. Ximruccilim

    A Question of Style

    Once again, I vote for Riku. But please note that I would still love to see plenty under my name.
  2. Ximruccilim

    Someone From Naught

    Name: Ximruccilim Age: 16 Gender: Male Weapon: 1. The Banestick, a cane of black metal forged by his own hands. Countless poisons are imbued in it, bringing pain, infection and eventual death to anyone and anything that comes in contact with the weapon, save for Ximruccilim. 2. The Baleblade, a...
  3. Ximruccilim


    All theists should post the purported proof for their deities to be challenged here.
  4. Ximruccilim

    Poetry Prey of Bears

    Back a thousand years or mair, When the land was lush and vert, And full of freshness was the air, A Saxon man was hunting hare. This Saxon man was young and fair, Strong and far too full of dare. He leapt atop and rode his mare Into the forest, free of care. This forest’s look could hardly...
  5. Ximruccilim

    Poetry Retribution

    I boldly march into the room, One swamped in dampness, dark and gloom. Behind I drag thy quiv’ring form. Upon it soon shall come the storm. I fix thee with a flaming glare. I flourish in the fear that’s there. I slam the door, and lock us in. Now retribution shall begin. Into the wall I cast...
  6. Ximruccilim

    Poetry Nights

    On nights when the rain falls, on nights when the snow falls, On nights when the sky is clear, Through each second of dark I wait in whole heart For the one that I hold so dear. She’ll have come by the dawn when I’m tired and worn, Before loneliness kills all light, To bring joy on my soul and...
  7. Ximruccilim


    I have hung about. Might as well say hallo.