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  1. sly

    Name Sly's Cat! [VOTING]

    Thanks for your many suggestions. Most were completely ignored. However, it is now time for the voting! You may cast three votes.
  2. sly

    Name Sly's Cat!

    I've adopted a cat and against my better judgement, I'm going to allow you guys to name it. In the first phase, we'll be coming up with suggestions. In the second, there will be a poll for voting. So, post your suggestions and let's get this ball of yarn rolling! The cat is Male, a mix of...
  3. sly

    Member Fitbit Community

    Our friends group for Fitbit has launched! You're all welcome to join in the fun. We will do contests of some kind, there will likely be forums related prizes, but don't worry about it being super-hardcore. All we're doing is hanging out and motivating each other to get out of the chair every...
  4. sly

    Discussion FC Gardening and Chocobo Training

    I've been training the local chocobo population of the FC for some time now. In general it costs me very little out of pocket to maintain. However, chocobo advancement beyond level 10 requires the use of a Thavnarian Onion in order to break a level "cap" every new level the bird achieves. These...