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  1. Davey Gaga

    Help Icicle Ridge?

    Hey guys. There's a path in the north of the first area in the Icicle Ridge that leads somewhere but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to it. I am miles past Icicle Ridge in the game now. It looks like it's an area lower than where I'm standing, but there's nothing else...
  2. Davey Gaga

    FFXIII-4 Confirmed

    Okay, not really, but I had to share this. I took this picture of a "model" in the window of Louis Vuitton on Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. I am sure most of you will agree that she is the spitting image of our dear Lightning. Final Fantasy XIII-4: Lightning's Career Change?
  3. Davey Gaga

    New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and 3 Footage.

    Am I the only KH fan left?! Well, I don't blame you all, as SE has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Final Chapter Prologue, with a brief teaser of Kingdom Hearts II towards the end, suggesting that more effort is being placed in tying up the spin-offs before the last main title in the...
  4. Davey Gaga

    Article: Kingdom Hearts 3: Big Hero 6 World Announced

    [16/8] KH3: Big Hero 6 World Announced Evening all. As expected, D23 has dropped some news about KH3. Not much has been revealed other than the images and presence, but Sora will be joining Baymax in the near future. I haven't even seen this film yet and I'm quite excited. With Rapunzel's...
  5. Davey Gaga

    Advent Children - Geostigma

    You may be able to tell but I'm going through a brief VII binge recently. I'm currently re-watching Advent Children and it's struck me - Geostigma is a disease resulting from Jenova's influence on the Lifestream, to which many people have now been exposed as a result of the events at...
  6. Davey Gaga

    Help [FF7] Mime Help!

    Hello all. I've undertaken a challenge to beat Emerald and Ruby Weapon for the first time. I've got all of the necessary components for a(n albeit cheap) win: KOTR, Mime x 2. I'm trying to avoid spending hours maxing KOTR because lazy. It currently has 2 (nearly 3) stars, meaning I could use...
  7. Davey Gaga

    Dirge of Cerberus Ending

    *casts Life* It's been a long while since I've played Dirge of Cerberus but I've been wondering - remember the secret ending, where Genesis re-appears for the first time in 8 years and claims the body of Weiss? Has that ever been resolved or developed in any part of the story? Was there...
  8. Davey Gaga

    We need to talk about Shinra

    It's amazing that, every time I've played a Final Fantasy game, new thoughts/theories/realisations rush through my mind. So, even as a child, with an age in single digits, I understood that Shinra were bad - really bad. Perhaps I didn't quite grasp things about corporate greed and politics, but...
  9. Davey Gaga

    [18/09] Final Fantasy XV Trailer - TGS 2014

    Y'all are slacking if I'm the one with the scoop on this. Square-Enix graced us with a beautiful new trailer of the real-time battle system, and some unique features that are possible as a result of the switch, as well as some stunning cutscenes. I just hope that, after 10 years of...
  10. Davey Gaga

    [04/09] Kingdom Hearts 2.5HD - New Features Trailer

    We're a tad late to this party but it's better than not showing up at all. Square-Enix recently revealed their latest trailer for KH2.5HD, which showcases the wide variety of new features coming to the games for the first time to Western shores. You can watch it below. Roll on December.
  11. Davey Gaga

    Nintendo Pokémon XY - Help Needed!

    Hello all. So, we're all enjoying Pokémon X & Y. I enjoyed Pokémon Bank even more - it meant I could restart the game, for fun, and put all of my hard-earned Pokémon in a bank, ready to transfer over again later. However, what I didn't know was that items are lost when Pokémon are transferred...
  12. Davey Gaga


    I don't know about anyone else, but I've noticed a huge surge in the presence of feminism in my life in the last few years. Unambiguously, feminism is the belief in equality between men and women; or, put differently, that women are currently not equal to men, and it's the school of thought...
  13. Davey Gaga

    [10/03] SE Conducts Kingdom Hearts Survey

    Square-Enix have launched a worldwide survey for players of the beloved Kingdom Hearts series to complete. In it, you're asked about what first attracted you to the series, which titles you own, which types of games you like, what features you'd like to see in future Collector's Editions -...
  14. Davey Gaga

    KH Spinoffs Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

    I am VERY late to the party but I only just completed this today after getting it for Christmas and I've decided that this forum needs some life injected into it. So, what are our thoughts on KH:3D? Personally, I enjoy the fact that Riku was probably more playable than Sora was and he pretty...
  15. Davey Gaga

    [19/11] Final Fantasy X Release Dates Announced - Finally!

    After months of teasing, we finally get a release date for the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD remaster. North America - 18 March Europe - 21 March Presumably, other regions will be around the same time. They've also released a snazzy new 5 minute trailer to celebrate. Hoorah! Source...
  16. Davey Gaga

    Scottish Independence

    Time for the debate forum to be home to a debate! What are your thoughts on Scottish Independence and the referendum next year? Should Scotland leave the UK or stay put? I admit that I am somewhat clueless about the topic myself, so I'm partly opening up this topic to learn more about it so I...
  17. Davey Gaga

    Twitter Link

    In the email that was sent out about the Front Site, the social media links at the bottom to Twitter are wrong - it says @FFForumsDotNet when it's actually just @FFForums. xxx
  18. Davey Gaga

    Dirge of Cerberus The Ending.

    Potential spoilers ahead (but at this point it's pretty much fair game if you've not played it yet). I'm revising to some orchestral performances of FF music and it got me to thinking about re-playing the FFVII series and something popped in to my head. Now, it's been years since I played this...
  19. Davey Gaga


    sup bitches :dave:
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    I logged on today and thought I'd say hello. How's it going?