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    Name our Airship!

    So we recently purchased a workshop under the FC house and we need a name for the airship we'll be working on, so share your ideas here and maybe I'll create a poll so we can vote for our favourite suggestions if we're not in unanimous agreement. All suggestions are welcome you don't have to be...
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    The Moogle Post

    The Moogle Post (credit to Mark @GothicSyn for the name) is where we keep everyone updated on the events, changes and general goings-on of the FC, as well as announcing any upcoming events and the like...
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    Final Fantasy Forums <Gaia>

    Founded: April 3, 2015 Final Fantasy Forums Free Company The official Free Company of our community, home to the active players of FFXIV in Lamia server. The FC derived from Final Fantasy Forums requires all prospective members to sign up to the forums in order to preserve the close-knit...
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    Leadership Vote Thread

    In this thread we vote for which members will fill the positions of leadership within the FC. Voting closes on Saturday 25th April at 23:59 GMT because that's when I get sleepy. Changes will take effect on the last day of the month. Candidates for leadership are drawn from Ranks 3 and up but...
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    [Free Company] Leadership

    In this thread we discuss ideas for leadership of the FC. Firstly I think the leadership should reflect the nature of the player base. If we're going to have an inclusive, communal FC I don't think static leadership is fit for purpose. I think permissions should be practically identical from...
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    Biblical Discussion

    Are you thinking of passages from the Old Testament? Namely from the books of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth and/or Samuel? There's an evolution of human behaviour and moral expectation in the Bible that most people won't understand because they quite simply haven't read it. In...
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    NRA calls for armed school guards

    I know there's been a few recent threads on the Connecticut shootings that have been closed but the story and debate just keeps growing and now the NRA have broken their silence so I think it's worth bringing it back up plz dnt close, infract n ban tyvm Here's a source on the story...
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    Serious Fear vs Success

    So there I was in @Gabe's recent thread (click here) reading about his current dilemma on what decisions he should be making with regards to his future and all was well until I read a few comments suggesting he should perhaps consider more "realistic" goals as opposed to the ones he had listed...
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    Happy Birthday Mel

    Stellaaaaaaaaa! Happy Birthday!!!
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    Britain as an Islamic State?

    Not a hate thread just social observation please don't close. Cheers mods. (y) Anyway, I was playing football just up the road and got to talking with some muslim guys about Islam in the Western world. They said Britain was no longer a country based on Christian values which I was able to...
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    Conceptualisation and Philosophy

    I've noticed many of us on these forums use certain words without actually understanding their usage and concepts. Instead of rehashing my thoughts on the subject every time I see an example I'm going to condense the entire subject in this thread for future reference. Concepts such as: -...
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    Was Tupac Gay? discuss
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    Strap on

    ...spells 'no partS' backwards :hmmm:
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    The Harlequarium

    You guessed it - Another one of those view and don't reply threads about [insert user here]. They say its fashionable to come late to a party, not to a trend. So without any further belatedness I'd like you to inundate me with all manner of queries and I'll do my best to give as accurate an...
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    XIII's Linear Design - Thoughts

    So I was surfing the web in eager anticipation of the release of Final Fantasy XIII when I stumbled upon an article detailing the linear design of FF13. Put simply, there'll be no cities, no towns, no villages, not even those tiny settlements that prop up from time to time. Its also been...