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    Final Fantasy Murder Mystery Halloween Game ?

    I didn't know the proper place to put this, so if it's in the wrong thread please direct it to the right place mods! Though, basically, would anybody here be interested in a Murder Mystery Halloween game during Halloween time? ( Final Fantasy theme !) Was thinking around the week of the 26th...
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    Your Quick Thoughts On Each Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy I : A vivid and radiant beginning to Final Fantasy. It's simple, but if you look within its core, you'll find out that the game is a bit more exhilarating than you may first think at first glance. The game gives you a good sense of freedom which some more recent Final Fantasies...
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    Final Fantasy Sports Spin Off Game ?

    We've got a fighting spin-off game and we've had a Mario Kart spin-off game with Chocobo Racing, so why not a Sports game with FFX's Blitzball just with some improved gameplay and graphics to make it more fun and enjoyable? We could have teams from each Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy I-...
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    17 Years of Final Fantasy X !

    Just found out today that FFX came out seventeen years ago. July 19th, 2001 in Japan. Man, time does go fast. I feel so ancient right now. Anyways, though- what are your memories with this game? The good and the bad? Remember! This is your story!
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    Unpopular Final Fantasy Opinions

    I love Final Fantasy II, most people hate or loathe this game with all their might. But I love the game's soundtrack, odd battle system and it has one of the best and underrated FF Villians in the whole series. Out of the 3 originals- I love FF II the most. Final Fantasy X-2 isn't that bad...
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    Are you kidding me sir/ madam ?

    On Tumblr > Oh I'm been picked on by anon hate > Oh nobody speaks to me > Oh I'm troubled by something OH HELLO I CARE, I HELP U, WHAT'S WRONG ? I'LL DEFEND U ? Gets nothing and keeps on posting the anon hate.
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    Serious Please help

    I feel like my Mother doesn't really love me or want me at all, same with my Brother. I want to commit suicide. I have been taking medication, but my Mum always pushes it away and idk why. I feel like I want to die. I feel like I have no true friends That not even my Mum or sibling loves me or...
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    Final Fantasy 16

    It might be a while away yet, Final Fantasy 15 doesn't even look close to coming out and they might Disney Sequel it like they did with FF 13 but what do you want from FF 16, Final Fantasy in the future and why: I would love to have that typical Main Character/ Love interest thing back, we...
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    Tidus eyebrows

    After watching the newest FF X HD trailer and during the wedding clip, I've noticed that Tidus's eyebrows are kinda light reddish/ brunette so does Tidus dye his hair ? Then again he is a dream, so did the Fayth picture a man who dyes his hair blonde ? :hmmm:
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    You are now the Boss !

    Many fans believe that Final Fantasy has gone downhill since FFX or FF XII. Squareenix has contacted you, paid for your tickets to Japan and they want you to fix, improve and change the Final Fantasy series and games for the better ! So sit down on your boss chair, grab out some paper and get...
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    can u not ?

    I heard like 1 in five people admit to peeing and pooping in pools. can u please, like stop this so I can go swimming without your business included ? Thankyou.:pooley:
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    Oh Tumblr

    I though that it was a movie. It was a game ? Piece of art ? More like piece of shate. 200 likes this confession has. If there is ever a time to be worried about the future of gaming, now's it....
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    I wanna be The very best * dum-dum-dum * That no-one ever was * dum- dum- dum * / dramatic pose To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Pokemon to understand the POWER THAT'S INSSSIDDEE~
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    Yuna VS Ashe FOR REAL

    Vote for who you think is better and why. :mokken:
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    Marzgurl reviews FF XIII.

    Nice review and she has some good points. Some are pretty much known already, but it's a good review.
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    Saw this on Youtube........

    Saw this on YouTube.... Is it just me, or does Disney manage to make animals look sexy? I mena, Tramp, Todd, Simba for sure, and Bambi's father all look pretty sexy.
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    * Insert witty picture of a pun of the word here * * slips coffee * * waits for laughs * Hohoo so original :ahmed:
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    I'm leaving the forums. I'm just so dumb and stupid so I'm leavng. bye.
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    ...... Did I troll anybody ? Yeah I'm bored and stuff.
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    I can't believe that nobody ....

    I can't believe that this hasn't been done yet. Make a Spam Thread Say I like big butts and I cannot lie Maybe that joke is just..... too old...