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  1. Miko

    Vocal Preferences

    Just a small topic for thought today: I've had this conversation before with my brother and I think about it every now & then. While he doesn't limit himself strictly, he does find that he listens to music with female-lead (or feminine) vocals more often that male/masculine, and I myself tend to...
  2. Miko

    SPOILERS So, is Tidus an Aeon then?

    I'm not gonna spoiler mark everything in this thread/post, but there is a Spoiler tag on this thread, so just be aware if you've never played this game at this point. Just beat FFX again since the first time in quite a few years. I'm realizing now that I didn't truly understand the plot quite...
  3. Miko

    What's your Final Fantasy unpopular opinion?

    No need to expand if you don't want to, but what is your (big or small) FF unpopular opinion? Is it that Quina the best character to grace the series? Or that Clerith is canon? Perhaps FFX-2 wasn't that bad Or FFXV was better? Either way, what's your unpopular opinion about something in the...
  4. Miko

    Birthweek Art Competition

    D R A W I N G&A R T C O M P E T I T I O N We will have one prompt per week for a total of four weeks. You can enter by submitting entries in this thread, drawn on paper, photographed, scanned, digital artwork, paint, you name it. As long as it fits the prompt! You may catch up as needed...
  5. Miko

    Birthweek Stellazzio Coin Hunt

    Queen Stella is once again in search of the crafted coins known as "Stellazzio" - A quest that may or may not ring familiar from a certain Final Fantasy game. This new set of Stellazzio Coins have been spread out across all of FFF, and Queen Stella once again seeks our help to find them all...
  6. Miko

    Birthweek Dancing Mad Libs!

    Happy Birthweek everyone! As I'm sure many of you are already aware, Kefka just released his SECOND Mad Libs book today! And, same as last year, FFF got first look at some of the pages inside! So how about we fill out some pages for some good laughs!? Da Rules & How it works Each round I'll...
  7. Miko

    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    Because V1 was old. What are you currently playing? --- Just finished up FFIX after a long time since my last play through, maybe 8-9 years. I love this game so much, it hit all the feels. Honestly super sad it's done now, it kinda gave me the blues for a day or two. I'm thinking about...
  8. Miko

    Anime [V2] Anime you're currently watching

    Technically version 2 of 'Last anime you watched' but thought this title was more fitting... Currently finishing up the last few of the newest episodes of Attack on Titan. It's going to be a long wait for the last half of the final part but I'm so glad we started watching this series. Levi is...
  9. Miko

    GFX Shop Pixel Dust - GFX Shop

    ≜ Welcome to Pi̶ꭙel Dust, a GFX shop where you can request graphic works created by yours truly. Please read the rules and fill out the request form fully before posting. And please check out my portfolio for samples! Shop Rules ⋄ I hold the right to decline requests ⋄ ⋄ You are required to...
  10. Miko

    M[ART]ch Drawing Event

    It's been a while since we've had a drawing event, so let's start Martch off right with a drawing event! We will have one prompt per week for a total of four weeks. We're starting on March 1st! (Today!) Weekly prompts start dates: Week 1: March 1st Week 2: March 7th Week 3: March 14th Week 4...
  11. Miko

    SPOILERS Most Profound FF Death

    I... feel like this goes without saying, but the following thread will contain spoilers. So yeah. There's been quite a few tragic deaths in the Final Fantasy series that have been very profound. I'm sure the for many of us the first death that came to mind was Final Fantasy VII's for...
  12. Miko

    Songs you just can't stand!

    I realize that listening to the local radio might be dying out at this point, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I hear a certain song come on the radio and I instantly turn the station. So, do you have any haunting songs that, for whatever your reasons may be, you instantly find yourself...
  13. Miko

    Triple Triad: Favorite Rules?

    Been playing a bit of TT lately and trying to find a few games with the rules I enjoy most, which got me wondering if some of you guys ever got a choice in choosing which rules to play by, which ones and/or combinations of them do you prefer? And perhaps what is your least favorite? Is there...
  14. Miko

    What is your favorite Pokemon?

    Fairly simple, which Pokemon is your favorite? Why is it your favorite, and has it always been your favorite or has it changed over the years? Do you have any plush/figures of your favorite? Any other interesting thing to add? :flower:
  15. Miko

    Happy Birthday, Dan!

    I drew you a picture to avoid my other responsibilities! Happy Birthday Dionysos 🥳 We should start making more threads like these again!
  16. Miko

    Guidelines Gold Saucer & Subforums Guidelines

    Gold Saucer & Subforums Rules & Guidelines Gold Saucer a section dedicated to the discussion of general games & gaming over various platforms & consoles. The following rules & guidelines apply for all of Gold Saucer and it's subforums: Games General & Mobile Games. General Forum Rules...
  17. Miko

    Guidelines Sphere Theater & Subforums Guidelines

    Sphere Theater & Subforums Rules & Guidelines Sphere Theater a multimedia section for the Youtube, Twitch & other online video streaming communities. The following rules & guidelines apply for all of Sphere Theater and it's subforums: Let's Play & Game Screenshots. General Forum Rules...
  18. Miko

    The Discord Quotes Thread

    Maybe a potentially underutilized thread, but we used to have one back in the day at the other place I used to frequent and it was fun to just look back from time to time. :wacky: So yeah, post your Discord quotes here that you found funny and wish to forever preserve here on the forums...
  19. Miko

    Is Valia Pira another FFIX allusion to previous games?

    Hello, it's me again I was floating around the FF Wiki page again looking up some crest information when I came across the page for the Valia Pira boss. In case you need a refresher, you fight Valia Pira during your time in the Desert Palace (AKA Kuja's Lair) where your character uses various...
  20. Miko

    Your GFX: Then & Now

    Pardonay the lame title of this thread. I've mentioned interest about making this thread but haven't until now because I'm lazy 💕 I came across some very old signatures I made back in-between 2005-2009 and cringed my little heart out. I know a common trend artists like to do is take their old...