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  1. Alexander

    Hi Cabbage. Thank you for the kind words.:)

    Hi Cabbage. Thank you for the kind words.:)
  2. Alexander

    im gay

    Personally, I prefer women, but if someone chose to share such an intimate aspect of their lives with me, whoever it is, I would respect them for having the courage to do so and would support them.
  3. Alexander

    BAD WORDS...Which ones bother you?

    Someone called me dipshit once, I didn't care for that.
  4. Alexander

    Do you like coffee?

    Nectar of the Gods. Best hot beverage on the planet.
  5. Alexander

    What cheered you up today?

    I won a free cup of coffee. It doesn't get any more exciting than that.
  6. Alexander

    if you were a flan

    I'd say a lightning flan because they look like lemon jello which is my favorite.:p
  7. Alexander

    If your Final Fantasy crush knocked on your door and said...

    I would certainly have Quistis come in for a cup of coffee.:D
  8. Alexander

    FF Alphabets

  9. Alexander

    Did the music contribute to the game?

    I feel the same way. It was nice.
  10. Alexander

    Zidane's Monkey Tail: Weird or Sexy? xD

    Never was a big fan of the tail. It just seemed out of place to me. lol
  11. Alexander

    Short or Long Hair?

    I prefer women with longer hair irl, So I'd have to say yes to long.
  12. Alexander

    Final Fantasy IX, the book, would you read it?

    If it was half the story the game was, I'd read it right away.
  13. Alexander

    What cheered you up today?

    Getting a new coffee maker.:D
  14. Alexander

    What pissed you off today?

    Had to buy a new coffee maker as I dropped mine and broke the carafe.
  15. Alexander

    [V4] What's Your Mood?

    Calm, but rubbing my eyes a lot. Doing a lot of grinding in FF X.
  16. Alexander

    What Was The Toughest Challenge You've Ever Had Playing Any FF Title?

    Myself, it was that damn chocobo balloon race on the Calm Lands in FF X. Talk about frustrating.
  17. Alexander

    Recent Game Happenings Thread

    Please accept my apologies if this has already been posted. During gameplay, I sometimes come across humorous and potentially informative material that I'd like to share. It can be anything. I realize that this forum could be considered one giant "Game Happening", but I'm just looking for the...
  18. Alexander

    SOTW 160 Voting

    Pic 3 reminds me of Rikku. lol
  19. Alexander

    Speed Bug in Chocobo races?

    Hi Reckrichini.:) If memory serves, my chocobo would speed up like that, but would eventually "get tired" and slow down.
  20. Alexander

    Do You Find That Most FF Titles Have Easy Monster Battles?

    The reason I ask is that my brother and I were at EB Games earlier today and business was a little slow so we got to talking with the store employee and FF came up. We were discussing monsters that we hate. (My choice was the Malboro.) He then made an interesting remark. He said that the FF...