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  1. SapphireStar

    XBox Red Ring of Death

    Well I got it an hour ago and Im beyond upset. It was working last night and this morning and 2 hours ago! I turned it off to have my tea, went to watch a DVD and got the dreaded ring of death. Now I got it back at the start of 2008, but the official XBox 360 website says my warranty expired...
  2. SapphireStar

    Why do men read on the toilet?

    Maybe women do aswell. I dont know. I dont read on the loo. So why do lads read on the loo?:gasp:
  3. SapphireStar

    Serious Getting over the past

    I dont want to go into much detail as Ill be here all day. K Ive been in a new relationship for 4 months now and I do like the guy, but hes not the one Im going to spend the rest of my life with. Now, you all now about my twat of an ex, who keeps popping back up into my life. He keeps readding...
  4. SapphireStar

    Matt Bellamy VS Parawhore

    K, this was a regular arguement with my ex. I love Matt Bellamy, he loves Parawhore. Now, I want it settled lol. Whom do you prefer? Matt from Muse or Parawhore lolz.
  5. SapphireStar

    Serious Worried about my grandmother

    K, my nana has a mole on the back of her right shoulder blade and also one further down. She said its itchy and shes going to get in touch with the doctors tommorow ASAP and get an appointment sorted. We're both worried as my aunt had cervical cancer, luckly she had it removed and has been...
  6. SapphireStar

    The memories they bring

    I was thinking back to when I first played FFX2 whilst listening to the OST. And the memories that came back were both good and sad also. Its odd how music can bring back a memory or even a scene from a movie or game. List the Final Fantasys youve played and any key memories you can link with...
  7. SapphireStar

    Slipknot bassist passes on

    Wow, its an odd month with celeb passings. R.I.P. Paul Dedrick Gray.
  8. SapphireStar


    My fella just got me Xenogears from Ebay :tighthug: Me = very happy bunny right now :x3::x3::x3::x3::x3::x3::x3::x3:
  9. SapphireStar

    Serious Age differences

    Do they matter? Im werid with them, Im attracted to older men and yet I only date younger guys. Not so young, only a year younger then me. All of my boyfriends have been a year younger then me and that sometimes bugs me. My mum and dad were 5 years apart, she being older and shes older then my...
  10. SapphireStar

    XBox Fable 2 save file corrupt

    <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Im mega pissed off, this Hero was a good un. I had property, good skills and was loved in Bowerstone, etc. Got good hunting skills with my dog and then this happens! It was working fine last night, then I downloaded the new system update and now...
  11. SapphireStar

    Serious I can't get a break

    Hello, pathetic member here once again to moan about how crappy her love life is ... Sigh, I dont know what to do. I really dont. My best mate claims she has men chasing her, kissing her, taking her out, etc. My gran reckons shes all talk and is angry cause all she does is ring up and brag...
  12. SapphireStar

    How old is too old for higher education?

    K, well Im now 25 and never graduated from university due to funds. I left in 2007 and I do regret it. So I recieved a letter from Manchester College today regarding my application I sent last year. Im very happy, but at the same time Im worried. People usually frown on those who want to go into...
  13. SapphireStar

    Most hated enemy

    OMFG, I hate the Vikings!!! Such a pain in the arse when theres 3 of the damn things:cry: I really do detest the fuckers. Specially when they do the thermal discharge attack. ARGH!!! I really hate them!!! Ahem, whose yours??
  14. SapphireStar

    Were there any avatar items available??

    K, I managed to get my chocobo about a month or so ago. But Ive read that there were more items available for your 360 avatar. Getting info on them is a pain in the arse!! So any help would be nice!! Also Ive noticed some peeps on my 360 friends list have a Final Fantasy XIII gamer pic. Take it...
  15. SapphireStar

    Everyone else is doing it!

    Fab idea, so if you at all interested, please do ask away and Ill be happy to answer them! :jon:
  16. SapphireStar

    Your favorite location

    You battle in every single area of this game lol. But which is your fav in general? Mine would have to be Nautilus, City of Dreams. Reminded me alot of Deling City mixed with The Golden Saucer! I loved the bright colours and the damn cute animals on display. Plus the parade was amazing and my...
  17. SapphireStar

    Any idea on achievements?

    Its bugging the hell outta me. Im looking at other peeps profiles on my XBox and some have got the same chapter achievements as me, as well as some secret ones worth 15 points each!! What the hell, I hate these secret achievements and trying to get hold of one of them to ask is sodding...
  18. SapphireStar

    It feels almost too easy

    I shouldnt complain as Im 9 hours into it, SLOW I know lol. But os far I keep thinking Im playing on an Easy setting almost. Now the game may get harder as I advance through chapters, just about to start chapter 5. But it seems like Im not being challenged yet. It took me 1 attempt to get the...
  19. SapphireStar

    You'd think with all that technology...

    In some of the Final Fantasy games, they would have a mobile phone in there somewhere! I think 7 was the only one I can remember where a phone was used in order to change characters around. But wouldnt it make it easier if a group got seperated, they would have at least 1 damn phone to...
  20. SapphireStar

    SS Signatures

    Hey guys, its been AGES since I made a signature. Roughly 3 years I think, ouch :gasp: So Im uploading my old pieces to see what you think. Any tips, links and advice would be amazing as Im so rusty!!! Ive forgotten the basics lolz, its so sad :( Thank you :ryan: My all time fav :) : Latest...