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  1. Alexander

    What Was The Toughest Challenge You've Ever Had Playing Any FF Title?

    Myself, it was that damn chocobo balloon race on the Calm Lands in FF X. Talk about frustrating.
  2. Alexander

    Recent Game Happenings Thread

    Please accept my apologies if this has already been posted. During gameplay, I sometimes come across humorous and potentially informative material that I'd like to share. It can be anything. I realize that this forum could be considered one giant "Game Happening", but I'm just looking for the...
  3. Alexander

    Do You Find That Most FF Titles Have Easy Monster Battles?

    The reason I ask is that my brother and I were at EB Games earlier today and business was a little slow so we got to talking with the store employee and FF came up. We were discussing monsters that we hate. (My choice was the Malboro.) He then made an interesting remark. He said that the FF...
  4. Alexander

    How Thorough Are You When Playing Any FF?

    Hi All.:) When you play do you go after every weapon?, complete all side quests? Max out character level? Myself, I like to complete all side quests and max out my characters. I like to take little notes as I go along. If I enter a place where I see treasure that I can't open due to various...
  5. Alexander

    Final Fantasy Themed Cakes

    Don't ask me to explain the last one. I have no idea what's going on there.
  6. Alexander

    What Status Effect Annoys You The Most?

    Hi Everyone. Hope this thread finds you all well. Is there any given effect that annoys you more than any other? Mine would be confusion. A big pain in the ass. lol
  7. Alexander

    Bored? Final Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles
  8. Alexander

    My Post Icons

    I realize that this may seem like a silly question, but I'm still familiarizing myself with the forum's mechanics. The screenshot below shows what the thread icons do. The black envelope indicates that I've posted in a specific thread. I've looked at some threads on the main index that I know...
  9. Alexander

    How I Got Owned By Squaresoft

    Hi Everyone.:) This story is a little embarrassing, but this being an FF forum, I'll tell it. Some time ago when I was younger at Christmas time, I received a SNES with FF II. Couldn't wait to play it. My brother gave me a Game Genie. Despite the warnings I read about how it could cause some...
  10. Alexander


    Leviathan + I surf the web for images that I can mix and match to create a unique piece. Some use paint for art, others use markers, some even use trash. I use online images.
  11. Alexander

    New Blood

    Hi Everyone.:) Just wanted to say hi and that I look forward to meeting you all and having some fun.