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  1. Dark Child

    The Death Wars

    Im starting an ORPG titled the Death Wars. I've already created a character which you can view in the other section of this forum. Name: The Death Wars Era: The 17th century of another planet, known as Zalguard. Planet: Zalguard, a beautifl planet commonly populated by Elves, Dwarves, High...
  2. Dark Child

    Heres My Character : Morbin

    Name: Morbin Nick Name: Knight Zero Age: 28 Weight: 256 lbs (without armor) Height: 6'4 Race: Human/Elf (mothers an Elf, fathers a human) Gender: Male Job: Half Mage/ Half Knight Weapons: He uses an asortment of weapons........... These are the staffs he uses for his mage portions, named from...
  3. Dark Child

    My Poems

    I write poems in my spare time, good ones too. Stand-by, I'm getting my book....... LIFE Behold, Someone with spirit so bold, but got a heart so cold, and she can turn you to stone, and trying to stay in her home. But if your talking bout life, the constant struggle, the fight, just looking...
  4. Dark Child

    Greatest game of all time.

    Gamespot (GameSpot:Video Games PC PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 Wii PS3 GameCube PSP DS GBA PS2 PlayStation 3) has just, well not just, but a while ago added FF7 to a list of The Greatest Games of All Time, along with the original Doom and some other titles. Also, on Gamespot Final Fantasy VII is rated...
  5. Dark Child

    Hey, whats up!

    Hey everyone at FFForums! I got an invite to come here because I was on the last one, but I guess it closed down or something. But I'm back, so whats up!