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    Announcements New Global Moderator Six

    Long time coming! Congrats. :-)
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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Vanilla Twilight, by Owl City The silence isn't so bad 'Til I look at my hands and feel sad 'Cause the spaces between my fingers Are right where yours fit perfectly
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    Elemancy Station

    So, I figured: there are so many possible way to mess with elemancy. Why not start a list of mixes and their results? Of course the first one is just an example I came across, but feel free to post your finds, and let's get them on the list. (Mods and admins: feel free to edit this, too...
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    What level were you when you beat story?

    Here's my certificate: I was curious about the story, so I definitely leaned more towards it. But, I did do my fair share of hunts and sidequests during the original playthrough. Obviously, though, after beating the game, I'm all about those side quests and hunts - especially the ones that...
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    Upgradable Weapons

    Venom Drain is just awesome, and "upgrading" it just adds to it. Definitely helped me in a pinch with some tough enemies in the post-game dungeons. As far as the Bioblaster, I'd consider it AoE-ish with its Poison Mist, yeah. Personally, it's best used for Prompto, so one can fully unlock the...
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    I accidentally sold the first Monster Claw I ever got, and didn't realize that I needed it to upgrade a weapon I didn't get until recently. :lew: Luckily, there was another of the same enemy in the world that dropped it, so problem solved there. Suffice it to say, just play around with not only...
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    Post Prompto's Pics!

    This snake looks familiar somehow...
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    Suggestion FFXV Help Booth sub-forum

    Which is a perfect alternative anyway. Prefixes are amazing. Maybe 'Tips' could be another one to consider, although I can see how 'Help' could also work as an umbrella prefix for all help and tips.
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    This game tries so hard at open world exploration and fails miserably

    You know, the game pulls off the "open world' aspect well enough. Sure, I would've absolutely loved to explore every inch of Eos, but that would entail much more development time. (Which is both good and bad in its own right, I suppose.) But hey, there's still plenty to see and do, and I'm not...
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    Upgradable Weapons

    I don't even know where the Gravity Well is. :lew: The Drain Lance (I remember), Auto Crossbow, and Circular Saw are fully upgraded, too. I've kind of been used to having the latter equipped on Prompto. Also, know clue on where the Force Stealer is. :hmm:
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    Fan Fiction The Bevelle Archives -Final Fantasy X- : The Tiny Bees

    Primary Characters Dinah Leru Hesius: Genius scientist (specifically physics and alchemy), machinist, and engineer. Wanted by Bevelle officials for "unlawful scientific experimentation". Chapter 1-2 Hesius peeks from around the corner of the building, steadying his breath, watching for any...
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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Naive, by The Kooks Oh, and your sweet and pretty face In such an ugly way Something so beautiful That every time I look inside
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    Your Platinum Demo critter

    If you play on Normal, it helps you in the tutorial. If you play the game on Easy, it'll also help out Noctis when his max HP hits 0 (for a majority of battles, but not all), by fully reviving him. (I don't know if it'll revive twice in one battle, though.)
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    How do you drink your Coffee or Tea?

    My coffee has to have some creamer and/or flavoring in it. Straight coffee is too bitter for these taste buds of mine. :lew: On that note, I prefer light roast coffees, since they provide the best "jolt" that's typically needed in the morning (or whenever). For teas, I like a variety of them...
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    Signature of the Year: 2016 Voting

    13. Seems befitting of the character, the feel of the entire banner. The visuals and quality in general are fantastic. :ohoho: 27. Simple, and with retained image quality here. Just very well done.
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    Upgradable Weapons

    Which of the upgradable weapons have you fully upgraded? (i.e. Engine Blade being fully upgraded to Ultima Blade) As for me, I've maxed out the Engine Blade upgrades, as well as some of the machinery (by accident, since I already had the material). I haven't focused on upgrades too much after...
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    Your Platinum Demo critter

    So, in the Platinum Demo, we played a young Noctis in a dream world, and leading him was a familiar looking critter from the Final Fantasy series. At the end of this demo, we got the chance to name said critter. What'd you decide to name yours, and has he helped you at all in the full FFXV game...
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    Am I fighting bad guys correctly in this game?

    A last piece of advice: absolutely do not put a lot of faith into summons in this game. Triggering them is usually a crapshoot, and thus unreliable, even with the massive damage they inflict. Oh, and if you play on Easy mode and have a certain little creature getting you out of a jam, don't...
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    All Dead, All Dead - Final Fantasy VII's Ending

    I think it's a fair thought that humanity went extinct after Meteor struck, honestly. As far as Red XIII, he (and whatever remainder of his species) survived this, and that's why we see him many years in the future. (A clever beast, having survived that. Haha.) What if Advent Children and Dirge...
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    Am I fighting bad guys correctly in this game?

    Has anyone made a certain ring a part of their battle strategies? The only useful thing I could use from it was the "holy dodge", and only during the forced usage. After that, it just hasn't served me well. >_< I think I'd read that SE is beefing this ring up at some point?