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  1. Dark Child

    My Character...

    You didn't want to make an original character?
  2. Dark Child

    My Character: Xavier Royale

    I think he knos Seph isn't a samurai, he was saying he has an outrageously large sword like Sephiroth. You should put alittle more detail into it so we can get a better understanding.
  3. Dark Child

    Drachnon's thread

    Very long an in dept, you want us to know everything about him huh? I noticed your using the metric system.
  4. Dark Child

    Heres My Character : Morbin

    Lol, well I always post pics when I do an RP....... like I said you guys can use some of the pics if you wish...
  5. Dark Child

    The Death Wars

    Well, I didn't say dark elves, I said elves and any other races. But I mean only the ones that are good.
  6. Dark Child

    The Death Wars

    Im starting an ORPG titled the Death Wars. I've already created a character which you can view in the other section of this forum. Name: The Death Wars Era: The 17th century of another planet, known as Zalguard. Planet: Zalguard, a beautifl planet commonly populated by Elves, Dwarves, High...
  7. Dark Child

    Heres My Character : Morbin

    Name: Morbin Nick Name: Knight Zero Age: 28 Weight: 256 lbs (without armor) Height: 6'4 Race: Human/Elf (mothers an Elf, fathers a human) Gender: Male Job: Half Mage/ Half Knight Weapons: He uses an asortment of weapons........... These are the staffs he uses for his mage portions, named from...
  8. Dark Child

    Poetry The End

    Pretty good! I like it. Your poet skills are remarkable. But we could all use improvement.
  9. Dark Child

    Mandi's Gallery of Art

    I know this is old, but I agree I came on pretty rudely. But I've just learned by experience not to take everything for face value, and the face value of those images were great, and I knew the artist had to be great as well. But then I've been on too many sites that have taken my own work and...
  10. Dark Child

    MY Art

    Sorry, can't see the pics, can you re-post them?
  11. Dark Child

    Mandi's Gallery of Art

    Well lets not flame now shall we, I just wanted alittle proof, those drawings are perfectly believable, but as an artist myself I experience way too many posers. I've had people steal art off my sites (i use different site names to conseal myself) and use it as theres, though I am alittle...
  12. Dark Child

    Is Final Fantasy VII overrated?

    WTF? All that in one sentence? I didn't think it was possible without commas (,). FF7 is somewhat overrated by the few, and then theres those who don't say its overrated. The game was a great game for its time, and I was just playing in a month ago, having as much fun as back in 1997. The...
  13. Dark Child

    A FFVII fighting game

    I know, I thinking all the characters that were important, and some lesser characters that you had to love. Of course you had to have em all, but by "em all" we mean the important ones (Seph, the FF gang, maybe Bungenhagen....) but we also need some of the lesser characters you never got to see...
  14. Dark Child

    Exploring the world map

    I think it did get alittle tedious after you explored it 1,000 times, I did have loads of fun beating the shit out of the Midgar Zolom when I got lvl 99 though.
  15. Dark Child

    Don Corneo

    He's a perv and a rapist, how old was Yuffie in FF7, 14? He had that one guy at the door to make sure they looked good, but random girls from the slums, who knows what they have? HIV?
  16. Dark Child

    What if Rinoa was your girlfriend?

    OK, lets not start that,"Oh its a video game character....." We know, we know, we're just using our imagination.....
  17. Dark Child

    Which FFVIII Character Are You?

    You're Zell. Although you may get angry to the point of busting a blood vessel in your forehead, you are sweet and considerate to those you love. W00t! Thats totaly me!
  18. Dark Child

    The Best Bahamut

    ZERO was the greatest, he pin-pointed your location all the way from space and still blasted strong enough to do the most damage.
  19. Dark Child

    Don Corneo

    He did seem insanely obsessed with sex, I mean overly obsessed.
  20. Dark Child

    A FFVII fighting game

    I always dreamed something like this, with a thing like Soul Calibur 2 where you select between weapons. But I also saw it as more of a 4 player arena game (Like "Kung Fu Chaos"). It would just be FF7, and all the characters whould have multiple costumes, including the AC ones. Also...