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  1. Kalythe

    FFVII Remake General Discussion

    I'm not as critical as DarkSavior, and I have been watching my boyfriend play, so I'm not at the command, but I do find the game average so far. Still, unless a cut-scene is playing, each battle just seems like a slog and most of the side-quests are bland. Battling was part of what made the game...
  2. Kalythe

    FFVII Remake 'developed so that it is going to be playable' on PS4 and PS5

    Old news, but I still can't find myself excited for this. My big question is whether each installment will be $60 or maybe $65/70 with the next generation of gaming dawning? Game looks pretty though, looking at you Cloud's model update.
  3. Kalythe

    Official FFXIV Player List

    I just bought this game three days ago. :P Character: Erjn Quill Job: GLD/THM ~11/12 Server: Siren It's been ages since I touched an MMORPG, good luck to anyone grinding and running into my novice tanking.
  4. Kalythe


    Heck yeah, I'm waiting on Ignis too!! I also questioned why the heck the town looks like Japan. Are these the outskirts of Lucis? Or perhaps the kingdom has changed much from the older trailers which showed a sprawling metropolis? @_@ Or maybe Noctis studied in a different city...
  5. Kalythe


    I really enjoyed the second episode. Prompto didn't exactly strike me as a character with much plot behind him other than being the Prince's friend/ pretty boy of the group.
  6. Kalythe

    Article: FFXV E3 trailer; VR Experience demo included in the game; play as Prompto

    Thanks! Really great article outlining the development. I'm still hesitant with Tabata being the director, since he has been in charge of side games exclusively. I have yet to play any of his games, but I'm HOPING he's better than Motomu Toriyama. Nomura really shot himself in the foot with...
  7. Kalythe

    Article: FFXV E3 trailer; VR Experience demo included in the game; play as Prompto

    Perhaps, it is all in my mind, but I do feel a small change in overall tone. The encounter with Stella at the party was about being able to see the mysterious light. The fight between Stella and Noctis was by fate and not choice, which could have led to either dying. It was supposed to be based...
  8. Kalythe

    Article: FFXV E3 trailer; VR Experience demo included in the game; play as Prompto

    Nice footage. Terrible music reminiscent of AMV Youtube mixes. Throwing in the misplaced Florence and the Machine cover is making me quake in my boots in regards to the PR music direction. The darker tone of Versus truly is gone and I can't feel the same foreboding of the meaning of death in...
  9. Kalythe

    [05/04] Final Fantasy XV detailed in Gameinformer.

    Very interesting! Thanks for the updates.
  10. Kalythe

    Article: FFVII Remake Confirmed (Coming first to PS4, more to come in winter)

    I had to be the negative Nancy here. I will admit that .gif was win. We will see how this goes, because in the end this could "just" be a trailer. The opening shots just seem to be be a Narrator from the future talking about the heroic past deeds, so all the retcons could be OK still. I'll...
  11. Kalythe

    Article: FFVII Remake Confirmed (Coming first to PS4, more to come in winter)

    I can't be the only one wary about this remake??? FFVII was successful in implementing the storyline and game interactions because of their PS1 Era models. Creating an interactive Advent Children world, I personally feel, will take away those moments that made FFVII special. The closest remakes...
  12. Kalythe

    Article: Stella no longer in FFXV; key Versus XIII scenes axed; Duscae demo patch coming on the 9th

    My disappoint level is so high. I can't deal with the heartbreak of a terrible Muse album and Stella being axed, all in the same week.
  13. Kalythe

    [28/12] No comment on Stella say Square Enix, + other details.

    Gosh I hope not. I don't now why I'm attracted to Stella's character idea ever since she appeared.
  14. Kalythe

    [20/09]FFXV demoed at TGS,Episode Duscae details float, and BEHOLD! Hairstyles survive pouring rain!

    Oh Stella, what have they done to you? I really hope they reconsider her new look and they haven't thrown away the whole forced enemies between her and Noctis. I really want something tragic to happen there. I wonder if the car scene is leading up to the "date" in which Stella and Noctis...
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    Feedback New Forum Icons

    Chocobos. Q_Q
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    Hope Estheim

    I actually liked Hope's mother a lot more than Hope. Hope is a cute kid/man/kid but they really didn't need him in the storyline, he's the generic character for FFXIII. He also took his sweet time healing me during the Light/Hope duo. /scorn
  17. Kalythe

    What's The Nerdiest Thing You Own?

    My nerdy collection diminished over the years but I can account for my most recent nerdy possession being a Holographic Weedle card. McDonald's is/was? running an X/Y toys distribution for their Happy Meals... and I really wanted a Fennekin card. /thatdidn'thappen
  18. Kalythe

    Online Dating

    1) Have you ever dated online 2) Do you date online why/why not? 3)What are your general feelings over this topic? 1) Yes, and it is and was the last time I dated at all. To be honest, this relationship is still continuing after 6 years. We met on an online game, like the start of any good...
  19. Kalythe

    Need Help Defeating Jecht

    That sucks to hear! It really was the go-to ability. :c
  20. Kalythe

    Okay, let's place a bet...

    Well following the confirmation of no XV or KH3 (which is a lot more understandable) at E3, I still believe a small trailer could make an appearence. I hope SE isn't staking the game at TGS, and will hold a smaller event during the interim of E3/TGS with SOMETHING. :| I hope XV doesn't cause SE...