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  1. Raspberry

    What could this Souls-like FF be?

    if we follow the rumors it's an existing FF IP or universe that is going to get a souls-like entry. i can only think of three possible Souls-like FF that could work within an existing world: Ivalice game (specifically closer to Vagrant Story) FF15 FF Type series.
  2. Raspberry

    New SE collections in the works?

    Recently SE released the Mana Collection, Saga: FF Legend collection, and now the Saga Frontier collection. Personally, these are great. But I really really hope SE releases other FF-related games or spin-offs we never got to see. Even if they are in the form of collections. Games we need to...
  3. Raspberry

    The Final Fantasy Fandom MMO split

    IS it me or are there two different polarizing views on FF fandom when it comes to MMO. I'm very curious. are you Pro-mainline FFs being MMOs, or were you against them from the start.
  4. Raspberry

    My version of FF13 should be

    I always thought it would be a good idea for FF13 to be completely rebooted and revised. So the following is an idea of what would make FF13 more enjoyable. This is just an idea of mine. I like to be an open forum and see if someone believes other things could benefit from making any revisions...
  5. Raspberry

    SPOILERS Why i'm no longer excited for future parts

    I've always felt the Final Fantasy brand has slowly lowered in quality. But Final Fantasy as a franchise still understood what it was. Despite the shortcomings of each individual FF game. I was so excited for FF7 Remake. One of the reasons why was because i thought this was SE saying "we F***d...
  6. Raspberry

    What do you want out of the next Final Fantasy

    If they ever make a Final Fantasy 16, what do you want to see? Here's what i want to see. 1. Ever since FInal Fantasy XIII, i always wanted to see how a character would evolve if the roles of Hope and his mother were reversed where Hope would die, and instead his mother lived on. So in the...
  7. Raspberry

    My concerns for Final Fantasy VII Remake (spoilers)

    SO as we know this game will be episodic. So I'm getting used to the idea that I can't explore the entire Planet in a single playthrough. But there are other concerns I have for the game. here is a list of concerns I have. #1) The "Complete" edition Once all the parts of the game are released...
  8. Raspberry

    The truth most fans ignore

    THE TRUTH MOST FANS IGNORE: Over the course of this decade, I can remember one prominent opinion that resonated with fans: That Nomura is a terrible director and mismanages every game he produces, and Tabata is the honest, most transparent director that gives us the truth and he is the savior...