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  • Oh I really thought you were a strong candidate for Gaia as I read your posts there and all. You seem to know how to handle debates and all that. Oh well.. I guess it was your choice in the end..
    So what interested you to go for FF instead of Gaia Kate? I really thought you were going to apply for gaia :monster:
    Congrats for getting FF Mod!

    I'd post in the thread in the news section but i'm lazy.
    It feels awkward seeing you in purple now. Even still congrats on getting the new position now. :neomon:
    Yay, congratulations to you! You'll be a fantastic mod!

    Have fun with all the delicious drama though. :wacky:
    I noticed you just disappeared offline before the promotion. xD

    Once again, congrats Kate! You'll do great. :ryan:
    As long as it doesn't turn out to be one big maze like the Song of Nephilim I'll be happy. :neomon:

    Most likely. There are so many games out there now I've completely lost track. :lew: I'll probably stop playing at the 4th game. I like it but I don't have the money to buy every game in the series right now.

    There was a fire burning underground for 50 years? o_O Wouldn't it have eventually either spread or die out especially being under dirt for so long. It's pretty sad when you know there's a fire that's older than me by over 2 of my lifetimes.
    Haven't made any major progress lately because I've been grinding mostly. I am trying to get my characters more up-to-date with their skills. That and I've also been alternating between this game and Silent Hill 2.
    Ohh the rigor of school I can only tell you. Its constant pressure when you are in nursing school. They only give you a couple of chances at things and you can be out of the program pretty quickly. I was totally stoked about that test, esp. since we do tests online and the server locked up and I had to resubmit my test :gonk: Then my teacher was like well what do you need to pass and I was like 62 out of 102 and he scrolled through my test and was like well you only got 4 wrong and I was like OMG. I got the highest grade that I heard from the class. Summer girl, its finally here :britt: I hope something falls into place for you job-wise. Stay positive and something will. Smoothies :gonk:I totally grab the strawberry banana smoothie from Mickey D's all the time during the summer...and Newman's lemonade is a total staple for me too
    Eieee I know girl!!! :awesome: Well actually with me being the homebody I am we just went out for burgers, but still. 4 wrong on a test of 51...I had an out of body experience when I found out :britt: So I hope things are going well for you. I don't see you on all too often...but then again I haven't been around much myself :hmmm:
    I did it Kate! I only got 4 wrong on my Critical Care test today so I graduate in December :britt:
    I did bail for awhile :sad2: coming back today is a bit premature I admit...technically my last test is Tuesday of this coming week and I need a 62 out of 102 on this test to pass the I'm kinda thrilled about that....because its really feasible to do. I think I'm going to make it! I'm so happy..
    Yep I've been working on those mostly as well as going back and finding the Segment Address locations. I am happy that they're much easier to find and remember which one is which now as well as which decoders I have already. I've done a little bit of progress in the story too. I just reached Labyinthos and that was the last thing I did before I called it a night.
    Ah good idea. I revived it because you asked someone to so I did xD. Soo busy at the moment though >.>.
    nononono. tbh. they are very good. We just playing with you. Very detailed and good to read. You leave and io lose a good rper friend.
    Not surprising since FF dropped that rant bomb. Buut, i am in charge of making a damn timetable. Unfortunately, all the stupid teachers fail to even go to the timetable thread and give me their subjects. I neeed to get oli on the line abt that.
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