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  • Hey dude, I reckon our characters might be able to deal some serious damage in Project D with some sort of makeshift spear. We could attempt to take out one of it's legs- depending on what the group on the other side do, hmm?
    Naw it's cool Tipsy. The RP actually wasn't meant to turn out as it did anyways. I gave up on it a while ago since I had to rewrite the story a bit more to compensate for what the RP characters were reacting to. :lew: Besides, I have 2 other RP ideas waiting to be pulled off anyways! But you can rest assured you didn't kill it. The RP was doomed for a while. ^_^
    I posted. Should we meet up with the other two with the next set of posts, depending on the flow of the roleplay?

    Also, I apologise for my delay... I've been under some stress recently and that always leads to a block for me.
    Of course. The battle is still ongoing, I intend it to be a rout, but it'll take some time for me to get that to happen. I will appreciate it very much, thank you. :)
    I was actually intending on having us reach the other side of the mountains once the battle with the Dark Ones Army against the Castillan loyalist army was finished.
    I hate alcohol too.. >: but with your animu/saber sig/avi sets and the high pitched voice of the song and your name, well.. it just made sense, really. :monster:
    I'm going to move Aquilo from his room and out to venture... Should we meet in the next two or so posts?
    Hey Tipsy, just wanted to remind you to post in the KH RP whenever you're able. Don't want to leave you behind, eh?
    Honestly, either way would be fine with me. :lew: I prefer chat since my memory isn't all that great but it's up to you.
    Hey tipsy would you be able to get on a chat thing like skype or msn or something when you're free? Methinks I have all my questions all written up now. =3
    Okay, it'll be on hiatus for a bit so it wouldn't be lasting too long. And, yeah I'll have something for at the base of the mountain.
    Neither can I. :hmmm: Apparently I didn't know what I was saying when I wrote that... Anyway, the anime examples from which a lot of people have pulled their character descriptions from, they'll be null after a point when Izanagi starts drawing prototypes from scratch
    Oh, I kinda assumed it. :lew: Me Gustith mentioned that Gravity comes in the form of either anti-matter or levitation, and approved my character based on the fact that his focus is more towards levitation.
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