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    Japan - earthquake and tsunami

    I highly doubt it will be anything close to Chernobyl, that disaster was because the containment dome was craptastic if i recall correctly. Still hoping nothing bad happen, I needs my weekly doses of anime :rant:
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    Japan - earthquake and tsunami

    Apparently as of about a hour ago, one of the nuke plants had a explosion, which could end up leading to a full-on meltdown if they dont' do something to fix it. Thats the best video i could find at the time.
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    Final Fantasy XIV gets a 4.0 score from GameSpot [10/7]

    The main reason it got such low scores was because of how cheap it was put together. Alot of stuff doens't give any tooltips on how to work it. The terrain was LITERALLY copy/pasted many many many times over. Fighting anything is just pathetic, they have a CAP on how many quests you can do so...
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    hmmm 1 week notice

    Long as ya got another job lined up, who gives a shit what they think. Your doing it because you think it's best for you. Nuff said.
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    best of an era

    I currently have the original disc and cases for Age of Empires 1 & 2, fallout 1 & 2 and Tactics, Dungeon Siege, and a myriad of other classic PC games :)
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    The Sacrifice

    Anyone else up waiting for this DLC for left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2 to be released? The Linky is still greyed out on the homepage and hammering refresh ain't working :gonk: BTW, if you wanna get it, There ya go. The link is not working...
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    What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

    I got simple steps. Step 1: Get guns, lots of guns, i mean a LOT of guns. Step 2: Take over a store like Walmart and barricade the entrance. ( make sure it has a mcdonalds in it n stuff) Step 3: Kill looters and zombies, have fun inside the walmart pigging out on Mcdonalds and candy and get...
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    It JUST had to happen ...

    SPARKLE OVERLOAD ^ *Seizures*
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    It JUST had to happen ...

    Moderation???? IN SPAM??!?!?!?! INCONCIEVABLE!
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    I disapprove of the new forum banner

    Throw Tifa on there and people will be much more aware about Breast (Cancer) Awareness. Just pointing out the obvious here, nothing to get all hooterific about. And i'm done with the puns.
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    It JUST had to happen ...

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    Vets Lounge

    They already said their decision on the matter so any further posting is futile in relation to the original topic, hence, applesauce. I would rather have no name changes seeing as i rarely visit anymore and when i do, everyone has changed their names 50 times so i can't see who they are even...
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    Vets Lounge

    I would just like to say one thing. Applesauce. That is all.
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    Game taken offline till glitch is fixed

    I wish a decent forum troll would come along every now and then, i got nobody to torment :gonk: Obviously your have a main account here since you've obviously played the game here before long enough to know what the entire game is like so far. So please, tell me who your main account is so can...
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    RPG Inferno Auto Battle Prun Settings

    Once a week is a bit long, it was set to once a day and never ran into error's during battles like the one he's describing :monster: