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  • Hoping to see you at Star Ocean Online. There's people joining it there all the time, but I'd also love to see the person who inspired me to think of it be there :)
    Thanks for accepting, feel free to talk with me anytime :3 I'm always here for a good talk if you need it ^_^, lol sorry for the late request I forgot to do it D:
    I see. No problem. And I've already started there, and the RPs seem more active sorry won't be here.
    Well, if you need help you can use previous histories as a kind of template of what to do, just explain how your character got into balamb, and how they met their GF in the Fire Cavern.

    pretty much thats what I did with mine :3
    welcome.. hopefully i will have another regular to post with in nocturnes j-rock thread!
    Heya! :) Welcome to FFForums! ^_^ I hope you've having a great time here! Your sig is absolutely beautiful! :) What are your main hobbies?
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