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  • Eww, no it’s not. I completely forgot about it, I’ve been meaning to redo it but then I got sidetracked with your icons! :lew: and now.... I can’t be bothered... you should make me a Tifa set.... :jess:
    Discord is being a pain in the arse, it's telling us to stfu or something lmao
    Lol, it makes all my posts seem sarcastic.

    Not inspired for photoshop so had to do something. :lew:
    Oh basically just purchase the ticket at Events Center first then you can either pm me or post in the thread which two chocobos will place 1st and 2nd. :)
    I've been alright, I guess. What's been going on with you? Need to chat?
    How do you see Littlefingers relationship with Sansa Stark evolve?

    - I think it reached an all time high. He chose her side to get higher up (I guess reach a certain point of interest??), but at the same time Sansa also proved himself as Littlefingers equal last season. That brings him in a special positive (I think they mean position): His student has risen above him.

    What do you think of the new Sansa?

    - I rather not speak in terms of old and new, it's more a logical side of the character evolving. But littlefinger is proud of her (her? I guess him), but also a little wary and scared. His drive/what motivates him is not taking revenge, but the humiliation from before. How he was rejected by Caitlyn Star, how, because of his humble nature, he is treated like a second class citizen.

    Do you think he's a fun character? Is there enough meat on there? (I guess it's a saying like is he fleshed out enough)

    - Absolutely, I think it's my job to make sure people like him and support him. He's a survivor, he's reckless, but there's a warm side to him, and I have to express/convey that to the fans.
    Is it alright if ask about your banner, did you use stocks or renders or did you render the stocks yourself? I noticed that you had the "Kingsglaive" image of Lunafreya and I remember not being able to find a HQ rendered version of that image and I was curious what you did; do you have mad blending skills, mad rendering skills or made editing skills!?
    It's alright for now, you know what I mean. ;)

    Thank you for being around.
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